Pepe le Pew Scores at Last

‘Allo, mah lee-tle belle femme skonk fatale! You look like zee angel when you are le sleepeengs, but alas, I must wake you to get your order for zee breakfast of bed!



  1. Oh my goodness what a squirmy, needy little skunk!! I love how the kitty refuses to move from his cozy sunbeam until the very end. So calm and relaxed during the onslaught of this spazzy little skunklet! “Pay attention to MEEE!”. LOL.

  2. man that was some serial snorgling. and who knew! pepe le pew was never confused by the black fur and painted stripe. he was a kitteh-chaser all along!

  3. @ 1:29ish Can’t…get…comfterbuls…*sigh*

    (Love de leetle skunks noisicle!)

  4. My, that is one persistent skunk! I like the part when it looks like he’s pecking the kitten’s mouff.

  5. La moufette est chouette. My four years of French finally put to good use.

  6. I love that for once it is actually for real a French mouffette.

  7. Prob. should be ashamed to admit, but my impression of Frenchmen is based solely on cartoons: Pepe Le Pew, Lumière from Beauty & the Beast, and Louie the Chef from the Little Mermaid

  8. How do you keep a pet skunk without getting perfumed?

  9. Sacre bleu! Zee kee-tee ees passed out from mon odeur!

  10. Are French skunks different from other, non-Gallic ones? Do they spray Channel No. 5?

  11. You can have the scent glands removed. But I think that is sad.

  12. And lil’ stinker here don’t even need a bucket of white paint on kitteh’s back.

  13. But of course! They also smoke Gitane and wear tiny béret on their heads. 😆

  14. Mlle 260O: Elas, zey may spray Channel No. 5, but not ze Chanel No. 5…. Actuellement, I do not know if les mouffettes habitent l’Europe. Zey may not habitate le continent, sauf pour M. lePew, but he could be le mouffette Canadien-francais, et je sais que les mouffettes habitent bien le Canada!

  15. Now you can add Henri!

  16. Well, I obviously wasn’t channeling Coco Chanel when I posted that comment! Thanks to you and Gigi for the info on les moufettes du Canada. Please be sure to post any pictures you have of skunks in berets. 😉

  17. omgherd how I loved that cartoon!!!!

  18. fleurdamour says:

    He always just needed to hit on a redhead. Success!

    -Signed, Fleur D’Odeur

  19. fleurdamour says:

    Henri d’ennui

  20. Skunks obviously don’t sleep 80% of the time like kittehs do! And he was cronching on the kitteh, not softly nomming.

    I’m making bunneh face of disapproval…

  21. Kitty must be dreaming it’s going through a cat wash…

  22. Kitty must be dreaming it’s going through a cat wash. bisous!

  23. The Original Jane says:

    Oh, this is just too good! Love Henri!

  24. It’s illegal to remove the scent glands in the uk. I knew a guy who kept a couple of skonks and he said they never sprayed cos they were never frightened!

  25. kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisssmooooosche!

  26. Anyone who questions whether the cat liked it or not never had a cat. If she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t be laying still for it. I have yet to know a cat that would tolerate anything it didn’t like for more than a half second.

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    *lullabye melody*

    “Petit cha-at, petit cha-at, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous??”…[etc] 🙂

  28. I love Henri’s films. So brilliant.

  29. I especially love this one:

  30. That’s some serious French kizzing the little stinker is trying to pull on little sleepy kitty.

  31. Hey you two, get a room! 🙂

    Wow, that is some serious snorgling goin’ on.

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    It just goes to show, Oakley.

    *What? I don’t know, but that’s what my nan always used to say*

  33. michelle b adams says:

    fave frame, please, on EVERY video (cause I can’t see videos at work!)

  34. Omg I am stifling laughter here at work. I love that!

  35. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Agreed. Kitty looks totally blissed-out.

    I don’t know what’s cuter, the kitty almost in a coma of love or how the skunk uses both paws to clutch at kitty’s face to give more intense kisses.

  36. Clairdelune says:

    And drink absynthe in small cafés. =)

  37. Clairdelune says:

    Seems to me that Pepe le Pew is trying frantically to NURSE on kitteh — has not figured out that either kitteh is too young to be a mother or kitteh does not have the right equipment — skunklet needs to be told about checking under the tail first. =)

  38. they’re descented. also neutered or spayed at age of 6 mon.

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    My own Nana was just as obstreperous (sp?) as we Thomas kids, so she twisted that phrase, all up and used the following wording: “It shows, to go you!!!”

    *Shifty eyes*

  40. Did you see where Henri won the top prize in an internet cat film festival?

  41. Whoa! I didn’t even know Henri had more than one film. I have some catching up to do . . . .

  42. I think you mean, “How do you keep a skunk from smelling?”

    Answer: “You cut off his nose.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! God, I love those old corny jokes.

  43. Another sweet orange kitty too tolerant for his own good. Snorgling, fine, but when someone is getting in your sun, it’s time to break out some claws!

  44. Never gets old.

  45. Is your refrigerator running?

  46. It honestly never occured to me that I’d be saying this one day, but…


  47. Yep 😆

  48. No, but I’ve got Prince Albert in the can.

  49. Well deserved honor indeed! Henri is completely brilliant.

  50. and yet, so meaningless.

  51. goodness, right here in my own town!

    of course i knew that!


  52. Ahahaahaha… There’s an Henri 3 too:

  53. What is it with cats and France? Are cats French? Are the French actually, les chats?!

  54. Maybe it’s because they both have the je ne sais quoi…

  55. Dod you get that little kitten squeak at the end, just as this video threatens to become totally obscene?

  56. I can hear it now (a la Pepe le Pew): “Ah, my leetle flowair! Let me kees you! Mwa, mwa, mwa!”

  57. hmmm…. let me see how lightly i can tread here….

    1. they are both finicky eaters;
    2. they are both a little betthair then everyone else;
    3. neither shave their legs or underarms;
    4. both value style above all else;
    5. they both have flickering loyalties 😉
    6. neither has really barnstormed the music charts;
    7/ stripes.

  58. “They hang pictures of their victims on the wall..” Louis CK and Steven Wright couldn’t say it better.

  59. Fird Birfle says:

    same thing.

  60. Sharpy, I didn’t know you were a Minnesotan! I’m from the Twin Cities as well. 🙂

  61. Well, howdy do! How about this weather we’re havin’?