I’m Telling You, It Was This Big!

That fish was so close, it almost jumped right into my paws! I nearly had it! What, you don’t believe me? Look at this face! Is this a face that would lie to you? Is it?

From this gigantic slide show of baby animals in the N.Y. Daily News.


  1. The Original Jane says:

    Where’s my dance partner? See, I have the position down cold. You promised I could go on Dancing With the Stars this year!

  2. Would someone shop a hula hoop into this photo? Pleez!?

  3. The Original Jane says:

    Or a grass skirt.

  4. Fird Birfle says:


  5. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: he/ she needs some victuals. His/ her nourishment seems lacking in the waist area. Beahs are supposed to be PLUMP daggonit.

    *gets out the crayolas and begins to make a poster*

  6. I don’t give a flying fig what anyone says, I swear that bear has lavender eyes!!

  7. Kari Callin says:

    Ah, it’s Little Bear! “Mama, I love you THIS much!”

  8. YES!!!!!!1!!!
    *ahem* Sorry, didn’t mean to shout; but that was my first thought, and my second thought, and my last thought, and pretty much every thought in between, as I looked at this pic.
    *drifting into reverie depicting idyllic childhood days…(which maybe weren’t quite so idyllic as I remember…)🙂


  10. I tried to give this guy an accordion. it went only ok. http://www.cutethingsinpaint.com/2012/09/the-finest-accordian-paint-can-buy.html

  11. Slide 37 shows a similar stretch by an orangutan baby.


  13. It’s awesome! I bet it’s hard to play that lovely red accordian with sharp bear claws, though.

  14. Okay, so other people already noticed this. But. HERE! EVIDENCE!


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