Aw, Look on the Bright Side

At least your dirty secrets are safe right here with us. We won’t tell anyone about it.

Our lips are sealed!

Makes locked-lips-twisting-and-throwing-away-the-key motion.

Blame it all on DogShaming



  1. The bright side truly is that these pooches have really impressive writing and spelling skills.

  2. Hana the Chihuahua: I bark viciously at anyone who comes to the property…but proceed to love and kiss and beg for attention when they’ve come through the gate.

  3. Ref. photo number 3: The hooman should have his or her photo taken with a sign that says: I leave my dirty undies lying around for the dog to play with. 😆

  4. Number 3 is unrepentant.

  5. Stressfactor says:

    Ever since CO first introduced me to “Dog Shaming” a while back I’ve been addicted to the website. I’ve been considering submitting a shame on my own Rat Terrier (Rat Terrorist)

  6. 🙂

    Hey Gigi, how’s Mia doing?

  7. He’s just waiting for everyone to leave so he can drag more dirty undies around. 🙂

    And just for the record, #1 now owns my soul.

  8. dawnkeyotie says:

    You can’t actually be mad at any of them. Soooo cute.

  9. Maybe Dingo thought his/her human had hit his head on a jellyfish instead of a rock, and thus the peeing? Or maybe s/he was just really concerned? *ponders*

  10. HAW! Rat Terriers have no shame! They are soul-less, unconscionable scallywags!

  11. I love Dogshaming. Who could hold anything against these cuties for long?

  12. Our late, great shih tzu went through an undie-stealing phase. She used to dig into the laundry hampers to get them. Not much the hoomins can do about that, except perhaps to go commando. (Ooooh, scandalous.)

  13. Hm, it’s not exactly shame I’m picking up here. 😛

  14. What, modded? OK, gimme a cannoli and an Italian greyhound to snorgle!

  15. Me too. Sometimes I will be laughing so hard that my cats will leave the room in disgust.

  16. check out

  17. I could SOOO do Catshaming but everyone knows cats have NO shame !

  18. Tears are streaming down my face thanks to cat-shaming!!

  19. Yeah, but come on, do cats ever feel shame? Mine seem to take pride in how large an area of the carpet they despoil.

  20. My old cat Chelsea used to do that as well. My roommates were always finding my undies in the hallway (eventually got a laundry bin with a lid!)

  21. which reminds me, we need a Chief Puppeh Officer update! How’s ol’ Goosie?

  22. You noticed that, too?

  23. She’s back to her old shelf, ruling over the other cats and us. I’ve had a dog with no teeth and her tongue was hanging out all the time so I was afraid the same thing would happen to Mia but it doesn’t even show.

  24. Dear Goggie #1,
    I. Love. You.
    That is all.
    Hope Kitteh Overlord doesn’t find out.

  25. Hilarious!

  26. I think #1 would just rather pick on someone his own size! I want to scoop him/her up and snuggle away that look on his/her face! *smooch* 🙂

  27. Haha…I have a Maltese & it does the same thing…Yuck!

  28. Thanks, Cute Overload. Like I needed another addiction in my life….

  29. We had a cat that would only fish out my mother’s dirty underwear from the hamper (nobody else’s), and then leave them in front of the kitchen sink. We used to tease her that she had to stop dropping her underwear like that.

  30. Depends on the dog. My sister had a lab/German shepherd mix who would hunt down all undies–dirty or not–and eat the crotch out of them. He mostly liked clean undies, but wasn’t really fussy. No amount of dog school changed that until he happened on some old Barbie dolls, which he enjoyed dismembering even more than eating crotches. So, perhaps the hoomin isn’t to blame for leaving the unmentionables all over the floor after all.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    I”ve been to a town with a cat with no tongue …

    My apologies to the band Bread.

  32. Our corgi does that to my undies! Our beagle mix used to chew all my bras, worn or new, but luckily grew out of that.

  33. Our laundry hampers were inside a cabinet! She would not be deterred.

  34. She was Dog, the Panty Hunter. \o/

  35. The cats on cat-shaming seem to range from apathetic to button-busting proud. There is no shame to be found.

  36. Sigh. Mod lounge.

  37. Excitement, more likely. One of my neighbors had a Parson Russell terrier. I sat down on the steps to give him a good skritchin’ and he got so excited he peed on me. His owner was horrified but I have a washing machine and I understand dogs a little. He was just so excited.

  38. #1 aka greyhound or whippet, I, too am madly in love w/ you. Folks, when the ears go back like that, we call it in our house, “baldy.” So, so cute, they almost look earless!

  39. We had a Siamese cat (male) who would roll in my husband’s dirty undershirts. He especially LOVED the underarms. Really got off on that.