Knobbular Enough There For Ya?

I see we got some darn fine knobullarity here, wouldn’tcha say?

So, this is Molly when she was a bebeh. Mama didn’t let Molly nurse, so those nice Tufts Veterinary Medicine peeps down there fixed ‘er right up. Ya sure, the neck bandage was for her catheter, don’tcha know. Well, Molly’s three and a half years tall now and she’s doin’ just okie dokie!



  1. awww.. I love her.. so cute..

  2. pandalover85 says:

    Tufts Veterinary School is where I currently am getting my masters degree! Too bad I wasn’t here to see the cutie!

  3. Holy guacamole, what a beautiful, adorable bebbeh! I’ve taken a couple of dogs to Tufts Veterinary (to a variety of specialists over the years) and I know they do fantastic work.

  4. Two reactions:

    1) What a cutie!! I just want to kees heeeerrrrrrrrr!!!

    2) Waitaminute… She is the spitting image of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory! Now I don’t want to kiss her anymore, I just want to smirk and say “Bazinga!”

  5. So I went to read the news article on this beautiful bebeh and was surprised to see she was born at the beginning of 2009, 3.5 years ago. Weird. Are you re-featuring her or have you just gotten around to it?

  6. Ya shur, she must be in Nebraska don’tcha know ….
    (If I”m remembering whar that accent/ dialect is from …)

    yeh. I know. Dangling preposish.

  7. wot tha???

    first comment I’ve left in 24 hours, and not a controversial idea nor a baby doggie in tha comment and it’s IN MODERAYSHE????

    *exasperated noise*

  8. You could lose yourself in those big dreamy eyes.

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Baby giraffes have such dopey faces. :3

  10. meltinsmush says:

    heehee… the two widdle tufts of fur on her hed are so sillee.

  11. Lovin’ those huge eyes in their capsules. Plink plink.

  12. i thought i’d seen herm before too. a little google image search brings up over 300 links of just this picture. Asking for generic “baby giraffe” does not bring this picture up, but does result in some bleenworthy pixels. There’s Lady Kissing Giraffe

    and Baby Giraffe Sending Duck to Do its Homework, Mister

    so it’s been a good day despite the deja vu.

  13. Haha! I like the baby giraffe sending duck to do its homework…

  14. I’m SOOO envious of how she can fold up her legs, I have a hard time with my yoga poses. Dang, my hips just won’t go any further.

  15. First I fall 6′ or more as a welcome to the world, and then my mama wouldn’t let me feed? Sure, she was pregnant for more than 13 months, but still. All I can say is harumph!

  16. Anybody who is a San Francisco Giants fan would know this guy is Brandon Belt. (Baby Giraffe is his nickname.)

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    I have to agree totally with #1 above, and mostly with #2 except that even acknowledgeing he looks like Sheldon, I still want to kees her! 🙂

  18. Hey pandalover! I worked at the Tufts Vet school many moons ago, when it was still in Boston. The library I worked at served the medical, dental, and veterinary students… and the vet students were the BEST! Good luck with your studies!

  19. Blair, those are cute!
    The word “bebeh” is a link to Meg’s original CO post. Today’s post is an update on how Molly is doing now.

  20. Question: Knobbular enough there for ya?
    Answer: Nope, need MORE!!

  21. Wow! That’s a quantum knobbularity – not sure the inertial dampeners can cope.

  22. I think it was the word “Dangling” 😀
    I have just stocked the Mod Lounge with Diet Peach Snapple, deep dish pizza and many containers of rice pudding.

  23. Yay! Vets are the best. My elder orange tabbeh is not doing too well 😦 so we have been seeing a lot of the vet lately. Vets do such an important job. *hugs*

  24. Early this year I met a woman who could lie flat on her back and, maintaining that position and not even lifting her head off the floor, lift her legs up and over and put her feet on the floor behind her head. She was 86 years old and had been doing yoga daily since the age of fourteen.

  25. Knobbular sure.
    But those LEEPS are what get me!

  26. Sending warm hugs and thoughts to your boy, Saffron. I have an older orange & white tabbeh, but he is hanging in there ok so far…

  27. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Yeah, they pretty much have “derp” welded onto their faces.

    And it’s not just the babies:

  28. I never saw a little giraffe. You can tell even know he will be tall.

  29. mmmm, puddin’

  30. and i posted on the original thread, too.

    and here i was about to do almost exactly the same “i remember where i saw that face” post, here, but put in Richard Schiff’s picture!

    either i’m highly predictable, or comedy runs in bunches.

  31. That look of disapproval would put a bun to shame!!

  32. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I love how the spots fade away as they go down her legs. Subtle beauty.

  33. Ermahgerd! Whert a cert berber gererf!

  34. *snerk*

  35. Sheldon Cooper or E.T.?

  36. @Saffron: Sorry your orange tabby is not at peak form. I send prayers and good wishes for your bff (best fuzzy friend) to feel better. ((Saffron))

  37. I think that the silleh fluffs become the giraffe headhorns, but for now they are just curls that sort of look like some kind of weird wig.

  38. Um, don’t y’all (original commenters and current) mean Yoda? That’s what I see every time I look at her!!

    Just made her my desktop photo – it will be a long time before this cutie stop making me smile at her.

  39. That bandage around her neck could be a new fashion statement, ya know, like a choker or a fancy scarf. Something to match her pattern.

    Oh, and that face! That body! Amazing how folding herself up like a box is actually comfy. Silly giffaleeez!

  40. The lips…they kill me!

  41. She looks like Harry Shearer to me, but beautiful

  42. I can’t believe I didn’t catch that myself. I’m not even sure what’s so Harry Shearer about the face, but it definitely is. 🙂

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    I think I”ll go with the pizza, thanks. Mebbe a peach Snapple, too.

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    Oddly enough, they remind me, a bit, of this:

    Orthodox Youth

  45. Giraffes, aaahh… What an incredibly cool anipal.