Bring It On, Dilbert

Here’s the deal, People. If you check thees McLink, you will notice that Cute Overload and Dilbert are neck and neck for top calendar in Amazon’s Humor & Comic Calendars section. We must step eet up! Dilbert’s calendar is all about living in a drab, fabric-paneled cube. Fair enough. But ours is all about BRINGIN’ DA QTE and brightening up that drab, fabric-paneled cube.

So buy the 2013 Cute Overload Calendar now, in the Desktop version for Desktop People, and the Wall Calendar version for…Wall People. And make sure you tweet this link to all your Peeps! Everyone that tweets this link will receive…..our undying appreciation! Think of eet! Operators are standing by, maybe even Mr. Bezos! (Prolly not, though.)

Love ya Scott. Really.

P.S. First person who ‘shops Bezos holding up two calendars in his hands WINS TWO CALENDARS!



  1. Also, the guy who draws Dilbert is a jerk.

  2. Did I win? lol

  3. Rule 1: You do not talk about Calender Fight Club
    Rule 2: You DO NOT talk about Calender Fight Club
    Rule 3: If it’s your first night at Calender Fight Club, you HAVE to buy a C.O. calender!

  4. I don’t mean to get political here, but Adams has kind of turned out to be a nasty person who hates women. I bought a CO calendar just to spite him.

  5. Jeff Bezos’s company also kind of turned out to be nasty, and I won’t purchase anything from them if I can get it elsewhere. Sorry no calendar from Amazon for me, thanks.

  6. So sad! I come to CO to see something sweet and inspiring, to escape all the politics, greed, pollution, corruption, abuse, bigotry and misogyny of the world…seems nowhere is sacred anymore. Thanks for the head’s up about Bezos!

  7. Here ya go

  8. Uh, that’s a little different than the strip in the paper…..

  9. All right, folks! The CO wall calendar is #26! on the list! There are TWO Thomas Kinkade calendars rated higher! (I mean, I can accept getting beaten by the Ansel Adams calendar, but really, Thomas Kinkade? Twice?)

    Let’s get cracking, peeps!

  10. Thomas Kinkade? Seriously??? I guess I know what I need to do. 🙂

  11. I’d go ahead and bump it up by buying two, but my husband always gets them for me as Christmas presents. He’d get all butthurt if I bought my own since it’s a Christmas tradition and all… except last year he forgot until FEBRUARY! Yeah, still holding a little spite over that one.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to start the new year and start looking at the daily fuzzy furbabies, but there’s still a few months of the current calendar left! BTW today’s possum page slightly freaks me out.

  12. This link should work, a ‘shopped image with both calendars 🙂

  13. What if we don’t “tweet?” Will I still get undying appreciation if I “like” it on FB? Not everyone is a tweeter.

  14. I don’t see it as hate so much as profound ignorance. In “Seven Years of Highly Defective People” (1996), he indicated complete surprise that readers thought Tina to be a sexist comment on the emotional brittleness of women.

  15. I thought his entire strip was meant to be stereotypes.

  16. Hmm… I seem to still be stuck in moderation. What if I post this link instead?

  17. Read his quotation in context. He’s being sarcastic and facetious. It’s not ALWAYS a misogynistic world full of monsters, people. And this is a freaking cute-animal website. No need to make it nasty with ad hominem attacks.

  18. Yeah, wow, me too. Adams was prescient about a fight to the d’uhth!
    Alice, dogbert and catbert are the brightest of the bunch.
    I usually wait until ‘half-price January’, but I think I have to buy a Dilbert calendar now.
    My mug: