THIS JUST IN: Bobcat Rescue

Crews fighting the recent Chips Fire near Lake Almanor, CA found a furry refugee: a lost female bobcat cub wandering dazed beside the road.

The cub, nicknamed “Chips,” was turned over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care group, where volunteers will nurse her to health before releasing her safely into the wild.

Photos via USDA on Flickr. Story, more photos at



  1. Gah! “Not wanting to disrupt a wild animal from nature, the crew did a quick assessment of the kit and tried to walk away. But she began to follow the sound of their footsteps, and would curl up on Hair’s boots every time they would stop.” Bless dem!!

  2. Ackkk, now I’m wandering dazed from the cute overload. *kerplunk*

  3. OMG, the second pic!!!! KITCHY KOO, little behbeh!!

  4. Firefighters rock! Thank you to all who saved this little girl and to the rescue group taking such good care of her. I hope that she heals quickly.

  5. I always feel so bad for people who suffer from fires, but I feel terrible for animals who can’t get away or whose habitat is destroyed.

  6. Awww, good peeps all around. This bebbeh is in very good hands indeed. ♥♥♥

  7. I request a close-up of the kitteh’s scrunched-up face and mouth from the second pic!

  8. She is so tiny!!!

  9. What a cute little baby girl. so glad she’s safe and sound.
    My baby girl Mia 5 year old, is off to the vet to have her last 6 big teeth pulled because of gums problem. Here is a photo of her (I hope this works)
    A close up of Mia

  10. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    What a sweet baby! So glad they found her and are caring for her. I’d have a very hard time letting her go, though.

    Ironically, I am now listening to The Police’s “Message In A Bottle.”

    Sendin’ out an SOS…

  11. Oh, poor bebeh without a mommy. The start of every Disney movie…

  12. And the firefighter that rescuted this baby is yet another candidate for the “cute men of cute overload” calendar…..


  14. What a beautiful girl! She looks like she’s tired of the paparazzi already, though, lol!

  15. Totally topical, T.U.M.!

  16. I’m glad she was rescued, but how do you “release safely into the wild” a bobcat who has no idea how to hunt and kill food?

  17. All baby animals, especially sick & needy ones, touch my heart….. (Excuse me…….;)
    Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh; 😥 😥 😥

  18. She is beautiful! Sending warm thoughts and hugs to Mia from me and all my kittehs! Many of mine have had major dental surgeries, and they do just fine afterwards…

  19. hmmm…. the same way they do with raptors, monkeys, raccoons, cows and butterflies?

  20. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    So pretty!

  21. The Original Jane says:

    Loving all the wild animals pictures today.

  22. I saw that on KTLA News up here in Canada, ceejoe 😀 I am so glad that they were able to get that poor bobcat kitten to a Wildlife Refuge 😀

  23. Same here, Berg 😀

  24. THANK YOU to the (I’m sure of it ) gorgeous firefighters who rescued this bebeh kitteh!! omgosh how cute!!

  25. According to the story, “Chips will eventually socialize with other bobcats before she is returned to the wild for good.”

  26. Kitty!

  27. gravittyshatters says: