That Is a Feisty Little Devil!

Feistiness begins at :41.

The epitome of “piss and vinegar”, Taronga Conservation Society!



  1. OmistinkinGOSH! Bless their ornery li’l hearts!

  2. The last one is already “get off my lawn, get a haircut, and what are you kids looking at..!”

  3. WANT! Will they get along with the baby wombats I’m gonna have in my backyard too?

  4. That’s about the reaction I got when I put Mia in the carry cage to take her to the vet this morning. 😆 She won’ put up a fuss to come home I’m sure.

  5. 1. So wish the girl was named Leela. “Taronga Leela.”
    2. Is it just me, or does Mr. Feisty’s bark sound like it has an Aussie accent?

  6. “I will eat your face! If I can just get to it…”

  7. You can see the thought process . . . “But I like being all snuggly and warm, but I know I have to be cantankerous and vile, but being cozy and sweet is nice too, but I know I must channel my inner satan, but delicious meelks and warm straw are making me sleepy, but I have to holler at some bastard for some unseen slight, but I love being cuddled, but I know I must . . . “

  8. The Original Jane says:

    Yes! Nice to know Tazzy from the Bugs Bunny cartoons sounded correct all these decades. He was my favorite Looney Tunes character.

  9. Sasha's Mum says:

    Tazmanian Devil: Eats Aardvarks, Ants, Bears, Boars, Cats, Bats, Dogs, Hogs, Elephants, Antelopes, Pheasants, Ferrets, Giraffes, Gazelles … hah! A likely story! Bet there ain’t so much animal!

  10. Tasie Devil Joey #1 – not like the one in the cartoon
    Tasie Devil Joey #2 – not like the one in the cartoon (plus, the cartoon one is a boy)

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Are we supposed to be scared at that cute little sound #3 was making? If so…FAIL! 😆

  12. They should name that feisty one Taz. He certainly lives up to the name. Noisey, yet adorable, little critters.

  13. My brother-in-law has always liked Taz, too. We got him Taz floor mats one year for his truck. And, of course, he has the slippers. 😉

  14. Joey #3 has SOMETHING TO SAY. I have no idea what that something is, but he is definitely saying it!

  15. He/she is all “rawrawaaafgdgfdgphttbht!”

  16. My favorite quote: “every devil counts.”. Aw. Hooray for the conservationists!

  17. I have to say, I’ve always had a major love for the feisty animals – usually to the chagrin of my family. If you hook a claw in me, it might as well be my heart, because I’ll want to take you home!

  18. How has Gund not made a stuffed animal out of these??? Who’s a feisty little devil, who’s a feisty little devil.

    Quote of the day: Every Devil Counts.

  19. Fizzgig II!

    Peeps, ye hafta go see Taronga! Magnificent zoo and view across the harbour in Sydney. I happily spend days there whenever I go Down Under.

  20. Killer Klown says:

    Aww. What an adoreable little ball of impending trauma surgery!

  21. Interesting.

    I get like that several times a day. It’s like looking in a mirror!

  22. As soon as I grow some teef…

  23. This was my thought on hearing Little Mr. Feisty!

  24. squeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  25. lolol

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That movie ownnnneeeeed.

  27. Accurate comparison!

  28. Too bad that these liddol guys are threatened by a contagious form of facial cancer that might possibly render them extinct….. I hope they can be saved by research and medical care before that happens……. 😯

  29. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    My little brother and I went to see that movie when it came out in theaters. We were in a crowded theater, so we had to sit on the front row. Our reaction when Fizzgig first popped out is perhaps better imagined than described.

  30. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Whenever you go Down Under?

    I’ve never been even once. *pout* I was looking into being an exchange student in Australia for my senior year, but then I got all silly and wanted to graduate with my friends instead.

  31. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Hands up if you thought the reference to “piss and vinegar” in the description was going to mean a whole different turnout! (Anyone who’s ever changed a baby boy’s diaper knows what I mean)

  32. No they will not. You must hand over the baby wombats to me. Now.

  33. I have three copies! VHS, DVD & blu ray. I also work with a person who resembles Aughra. Minus the removable eye! 😉

  34. says:

    i soo love that “…. get off my lawn,…” totally made my day. thanks. (^o^)