Have You Seen…The Cat Anywhere?

Every day when I walk to school, The Cat stands in the middle of the sidewalk and won’t let me pass unless I give him my lunch money. If I don’t, he says he’s gonna “Pound me one!”

This is all so embarrassing.

Via Attack O’ Da Coot.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    da poah puppeleh. so earnest & sad.

    *hugs puppeleh*

  2. Oh my goodness, those eyes! Don’t worry, pupster, I will be your guard hoomin.

  3. My Mia couldn’t hurt you puppeh she has no teeth left poor baby. She’s still groggy but she’s home, the other cats sniffed her from nose to tail but there was no spitting.

  4. I hope Mia feels better soon!

    My two younger tabbehs had severe gum disease and all their teeth except 2 on the bottom had to come out. Now they are fine and can even nom on kibbles! In case your vet did not mention, when she is ready for kibbles, start with Kitten Chow cause the size of the keeebles are small. Then she can move to regular kibbles after that.

    I am sending happy thoughts to you and Mia. *higs*

  5. Thank you for the happy thoughts. She had half her teeth pulled a year ago and the vet said the rest would probably have to come out, so we knew it was coming she’s had problem since she was a baby. she only has her front little teeth left poor sweetie.
    As for food she won’t touch kibble, never has but strangely my other girl will eat nothing but kibble, she won’t touch wet. 😆

  6. I just get yelled at until I dish out the food!

  7. oh puppeh! you are so darling!

    come here, I’ll protect you from the mean ol’ cat

  8. I want to pick him up and drive him to school, then walk him to class. Nobody that adorbs should be harassed.

  9. Glad Mia’s home and doing better. Yeah, this happens.

    I remember trying to brush my cats teeth, she gave me this look of, “Get real, I’m a cat.”

  10. Yay, I’m so glad Mia came through it like a champ. One of my dogs just had the last of her teeth removed a few weeks ago and she’s completely fine (it just gives me one more reason to baby her). ♥

    Come along, little pupster, I will protect you. And then I will gently boop your nosicle and give you massive hugs and smooches.

    I grew up with a black cocker spaniel named Sam and let me tell you, they are Masters of the Sad Eyes. I swear they invented that look. 🙂

  11. Pickyactually bit me on the finger when I tried to brush his teeth, but he never had gum disease. Don’t know why.

  12. Glad to hear Mia is doing well!

  13. Poor thing. He does look worried.

  14. It’s rllly OK, Goggie…..!!!!.;
    He’s just acting that way ever since he saw the “Puss In Boots” movie…..;
    Just bark out some nasty WUFFS, and lunge at him in a kinda menacing way…..; 😉 He’ll be in the next county before you can say “Barooo!”……;

  15. Sasha's Mum says:

    Ok, yes yes, adorable pups and all … but people, did you notice the source link? “Attack of the cute”? Like I don’t melt and squee enough times a day coming here, now there’s another cutelocation I have to go to? Thanks a bunch!

  16. The whites! The whites! (of the eyes). Lil, pup, I will drive you to and from school every single day. My job does not matter. I will come to the cafeteria and buy your lunch. If that mean cat DARES to even look your way, paws will roll, I tell ya. Besides, that cat’s full of it, he has no pockets; where could he keep your lunch money anyway?

  17. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    I know, the rolling of his eyes & seeing the whites just got me ded.