Chick Magnet

Don’t know what it is about ’em, but these chicks are just drawn to me, man. Some cats just got it and others don’t, I suppose.





  1. *thud* Ded, I am!

  2. Kitteh is seriously outnumbered

  3. Ahhhh that’s so sweet.

  4. So relaxing, kitty is catatonic.

  5. QuirkySphinx says:

    In Mother Russia, Buffet eats you.

  6. That is one sweet little kitteh! And the chicks are cuties too.

  7. Peeping tom

  8. Oh, NO yu di’int!

  9. Aside from all the poop, what a lovely predicament to find oneself in, swarming in bebe chickens.

  10. I’ll take the whole box…

  11. If this is “The Cat” from the previous post, I am afraid that dog is a bit of a coward. What a sweetie! Proving once again that marmies are the lovingest cats evar!

  12. Oh, yeah, the sound of the little chickie toes on the newspaper slay me. I had just returned to a gelatinous state following the melting occasioned by the Bebeh Skunkeh McStinkersons post. Once again, I am without form. OOOOooooozing off in the direction of the Hello Kitty Defibramathingie…..

  13. He looks like he’s being eaten alive by tribbles. And who’s playing Barry White in the background?

    ** chicks, man **

  14. Seriously?!? Are you trying to kill me with this? I cannot get over how sweet this is. So. Adorable.

  15. Ladies, ladies, it’s unseemly to push – there’s enough Puss in Boots for everyone.

  16. That is redonkulously cute (and mellow for some reason), but I sure hope someone remembers to bathe the kitty of all the chick poop afterwards.

  17. My heart just melted! 🙂

  18. Kitty is warm…chickies are warm…everybody wins!

  19. All your cuteness needs in one box! A modern day miracle.

  20. Oh. My. Gaah! This is devastatingly cute.

    “Are you our mommy?”

  21. (I think, actually, she DID 8-O)

  22. Only a kitty could herd baby chicks.
    Oh to curl up in a warm fluffy kitty chickie pile on a cold winters day.

  23. In Soviet Russia, Chicks come to you!

  24. My favorite chick is the little butt-snuggler at the end (literally).

  25. Everyone: Just wanna say, I love all you guys here at CO. And I’d be your kitteh in a chick flash mob any day. If you need me to be.

  26. +1 internets to you, Comrade!

  27. *chuckles*

  28. sings: “one of these things is not like the others…”

  29. “But Mama!!! We doan like to drink milk….!!! 🙄

  30. There are no words to adequately describe that kind of sweet.

  31. At first I thought kitteh looked all stunned and Stockholm Syndrome, like “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN HELP ME PLZ” but then I noticed kitteh drifting off to sleep. So comfy!

  32. I am obviously less floofy than this cat, and therefore less snuggleable, but you could fit oh so many more chicks onto my tummy. May I be considered as the next creche for chick-ons, please?


  33. joools in PDX says:

    Ignoramusky FTW!!! My FAVE youtube channel EVAH!

  34. Helpfully mops up Ids7yrs into bucket and adds chocolate to speed reassemblage.

  35. Awwww! I want to scoop up the outer ones and warm them. Those furthest from the middle are calling in distress and are just plain cold. That’s why everyone is so desperate to snuggle with kitteh. Nice that kitty obliges. Get them all a heat lamp! Chicks that age are supposed to be kept at 95 degrees F. Kitty makes a good warmer for those that can get close enough.

  36. its cute, but kinda gross.

  37. They are so cold. Its sad. Put them under a lamp.

  38. Icky icky. The kit cat is going to get all covered in chick poop and lick herself clean, and then go sit in some hoomin’s lap. Pee uuuu. Geeeroosssss