Top Ten Reasons Why We’re Ready For Some Football

This is the first Sunday of the NFL season, and Cute Overload has many reasons to GET STOKED!

First, will the Bengals bring back mascot “Benzoo” from their old stadium?!

We want to see who wins more games, Panthers coach John Harbaugh or his younger brother, Niner’s coach Jim Harbaugh.

All the Ram Rookies this year will be pulling out the stops to prove themselves.

To see if the Ravens will trade “Nevermore!” for “Superbowl 2013! Sqwaaack!”

In December, when it’s twenty below in western New York, will Bills players wish they were in sunny California?

Keenan Allen will be invited to the Heisman trophy ceremony. OOPS WRONG BEARS

To avoid my friend Todd in Denver who gets just insufferable when the Broncos win.

To see what Philadelphia does next. They booed Santa Claus one year. Harsh.

To see the Lions star WR “Megatron” live up to his name.

To see if the Falcons uniforms could possibly get any worse.

And since Cute Overload always over-delivers, let’s crank this list to 11. To confirm the Dolphins have absolutely no shot.



  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    Erm…not quite sure what’s going on in the last photo but it’s bringing a smile to the mini-dolphin’s face!

  2. Who cares about the football teams???
    (I’m too busy looking at the baby animal pictures…..!!!! Awwwwwwwww!!

  3. Can I haz a baby jaguar to root for?

  4. If the game I’m watching now is any indication, bebbeh dophlin (spelling intentional) has a better chance than Miami this season.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    Bu– wai — I don’t LIKE feetsball, Brinke!!! How did you DO this??
    I have (almost) NEVER enjoyed feetsball before now (with one Technical Exception….when la famille lived in DC, dad took my mother and I to
    *pompoms waving now* THE ARMY NAVY football game, in the stadium at the Naval Academy, Annapolis. Thousands of midship– men? there MIGHT have been a few women sprinkled there, mid 1970s?? — all in their formal white uniforms in the bleachers, the Navy DONKEY there to officiate, etc….)

    this woulda been approx 1975-77-ish

    GOOOOOOO NAVY (sorry but “beat Army!”)

  6. go panthers! go Cam!

    no really, go.
    as in… go away and leave me to snorgle your mascotlet.

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    Ali — I usually don’t ask these details, but in this case ….are you in NE Fla?
    ‘Cuz I’m in the Jax area ….. AND below, please (hopefully ) you should see
    a whole BASKET of alleged jaguar bebbehs, lookin’ cute as buttons :

    (also — to the General CO Publique: I put a comment in at the present “end of the line” of comments, down below, maybe #8 or so ….but I musta mentioned something that got the Big Green Moderaysh Machine all up in a tither, ‘cuz Ah dun bin moderated. So tune, back in, sometime either later today or tomorrow, several comments below this one, to see what *ONE* football game I’ve ever attended ….
    or don’t …. ;))

  8. That lion cub has puppeh-dog eyes MASTERED! And with the added sheepish smile on his leeps!

  9. Fird Birfle says:


    no it’s NOT a RAM I don’t CARE whut you say it’s a BAYBEE SHEEP”IE-POO!!!

    YAY baybee sheepie-poos!!! GO baybee sheepie-poos!!!! GO!!

    No, WAIT, COME!!!!

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    “In a Related Story,” OMGPONIES!!!!111!!!!

  11. the hovertext for the rams could have said “Sam Braaaaaaaaaadford.” (like Laaaaaambert, but with less lambs and more brads…) unless rams don’t ba. do they? *googles noises rams make right after posting comment…*

  12. i learned two things today, that duh, OF COURSE RAMS BAA. (i thought that maybe all that breeding would take the baaing right out of them…or something. right.) and the correct spelling of baa is baa. who knew?

  13. kittykat416 says:

    You might say that the lion is having a species-identity crisis: “Am I a lion, or a puppeh or a sheep? Or a man? Or a muppet?”

  14. Looks like the Dolphins are going to be held back by their trainers.

  15. I would watch football if it were always this cute. Must wait for Puppy Bowl, alas.

  16. OK I don’t know much about football, but why would someone take the name of an evil robot? Is Starscream the wide receiver or something?

  17. Brinke, this is totally BRIL! What an imagination! And yes, I’ll take the Panther with the blue eyes.

  18. They’re all cute, but that’s not a baby Bengal; that’s a baby cougar. They’re spotty when they’re small.

  19. The way I heard it, it’s because he’s huge and has huge hands that are good for catching footballs with. Doesn’t make much sense to me either.

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    Each one of those pictures was cuter than the last. It was like this cute progression. My favorite is the little angry looking bird in the person’s hand. He looks so darling yet so angry! Actually, I think his looking so very mad is part of what makes him so cute.

  21. I don’t speak American football, as evidenced by my thinking the Bronco was a Colt ;-), so had to look up the Falcon 2012 uniforms [look pretty plain to me, and definitely non-moult-y; am I missing something I should be mocking, northern Yanks?]. But the baby raven avec egg-tooth was a floofy revelation, and I didn’t know bisonettes could sproing, either. Thanks!

  22. I think Megatron’s hands and arms formed the barrell part of his gun form. That could be where the name Megatron comes in.

    Also, I can’t choose between the babeh bengal kitten and the babeh raven chick as the cutest out of all the pics. I love when babeh aminals (spelling intentional, haha) are fluffy and those are the fluffiest to me. The little raven is almost a complete ball of fluffy. How cute is that?!

  23. giant bebbeh falcon feets!

  24. *snerk*

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    As for American football, I’m totally (as I have since I lived in Denver and since Elway was the quarterback) rooting for…GO BRONCOS!!!

  26. so cute! every one of them. minor detail change: john harbaugh coaches the ravens, not the panthers.

  27. Actually with the original Megatron his arms formed the firing chamber. The barrel was formed by his chest and the last part was actually on the outside.

    I’ll stop now.

  28. Not if I get there first, tracylee. Those fur spots have melted me into a big ol’ pile of goo.

  29. Baby raven, EEEEE!

  30. 4leafclover says:

    Yes, xatravels, I do hereby second your EEEEE!!! Baby raven is such a little floofsicle!!

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Wellllllll, not so sure about the football angle. I mean, I sort of watch, and I watched the Aztecs trample Army last night in person, but… Also, where’s the baby elephant that could double as a Charger?

  32. You can’t hide those lion eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now you’d realize
    There ain’t no way to hide those lion eyes.

    He looks so sweet and innocent – I wonder what he just did that he shouldn’t have.

  33. Yeah, I honestly did a Google double-take to make sure our coach didn’t leave B-more…

    CuteOverload, we have a correction needed!

  34. mumofbubba says:

    Best post ever.

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    Peeps! I’m off to watch the movie Contact! I’m so excited about this. Even though I’ve seen it about 737 times before. (I own it). But I LOVE that movie and I love Carl Sagan. (Proudly displays Total And Complete Nerd badge). Love to you all and best wishes,


  36. The Original Jane says:

    Big DITTO here!

  37. clever!

  38. Your secret is safe with us (BTW, I read the book and just loved it)

  39. The earsies, people! So many adorable earsies! aaaaahhh..splat.

  40. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who fell in love with the “baby raven”, but that is not a baby raven. Ravens are altricial: they hatch helpless, blind and nearly naked. They definitely would not fit the classic definition of cute. The photo is of a precocial chick: they hatch covered in down, with eyes open, and able to walk and feed themselves within a day. This little black baby is probably a game-, water- or shorebird. I think it might by a pigeon guillemot. What’s sure is that it’s adorable!

  41. Me, too! I’d like to see a Kitty Bowl. Or maybe a Buffalo Bowl. Or a Birdy Bowl . . .

  42. LOVED the movie–seen it umpteen times–so I read the book and LOVED the book even more–read it at least 3 times! I watched Sagan’s “Cosmos” on PBS when I was a kid, and the way he clearly explained the universe still sticks with me! (Stands next to QofD, proudly displaying Total and Complete Sci-Fi Nerd badge.)

  43. Carla Oliveira says:

    Yay for the baby peregrine falcon!!!

  44. THIS is a baby raven and this is too Also, juvenile ravens have grey-blue eyes!
    (But that little bird is identified as a baby raven at many sites, and it IS very, very cute!)

  45. Tritto!?

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    Hooray for fellow nerds! I also read the book many years ago and also loved Carl Sagan’s show, Cosmos!

  47. Me four!!

  48. John Harbaugh is the Ravens coach, not the Panthers.

    Baltimorean (but stlll a Bears fan)

  49. When I saw the movie “Contact”, about twenty minutes in I thought “this is soooo familiar!” Then I realized why…… *blush*

  50. I’d watch football if these fuzzies were actually playing!

  51. Ha, it’s on my CSMW list, as in, if I find out it’s on [usually late-night], still gotta watch [Can’t sleep, must watch].
    We also use that at work with an index finger flipped rapidly up and down the lips to add turbulence to the voice: ‘I’m OK to go! I’m OK to go . . .’ [sorry, hope that translates]. Say it with me!

  52. Thanks, 6, that’s more like it!

  53. The NFL was the one that blocked the Bengals from bringing baby tigers to the games.

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t anything about football but I know those bebehs are adorable and the lion cub made me go “awww” out loud. Sigh.

  55. Oh yes Birdy Bowl….definitely Birdy Bowl. 😀

  56. When it’s twenty below WHAT in Western New York?
    No, srsly.,_New_York#Climate
    Sunniest city east of the Mississippi. No, really.

  57. Small + PO’d = potent cuteness

  58. Don’t think it’s a PG, Maggie– the babies aren’t black, they’re a kind of mottled gray. BTW, apropos of nothing, moorhen chicks are really cute– look at the FEETS!

  59. Like I said: a face only a mother could love. They do have a lot of personality though, and they do grow on you.

  60. Oh I don’t know, I think that trainer will raise them up.

  61. I’m waiting for the Sloth Bowl.The only problem is the length of the games. It’s not much on action but the qte factor is through the roof! . 🙂

    As far as these mascots go, smilingk bebbeh lion, sproinging bebbeh boofalo and moostachioed bebbeh bengal are just too adorbs!!

  62. I hate sports, but if you gave all sports updates alongside cute animal pics like these I’d be a big fan.

  63. *sigh* No qte animal for the New England Patriots….although Tom Brady is cute and sort of looks like a dinosaur in this pic???

  64. John Harbaugh is the Raves head coach, not the panthers…

  65. meltinsmush says:

    Me fiver!

    Bebeh falcon looks confuzz…like me when I watch football!

  66. Yes, those lion eyes were my favorite too. And now I can hear that song and remember the cub (cubicle?) all over again and smile. Thanks!

  67. As a lover of all things Philadelphia, let me just tell you: Santa totally had it coming. (Hey, at least they didn’t chant “aaaaaassshoooooooole” like the Phillies fans!)

  68. @Fird Birfle! Crazy coincidence! My family was in Annapolis just at that time for my brother’s induction into the Naval Academy! Yup! Go Navy! Beat Army!

    Brinke, this was fabulous! We’ll DONE! I would’ve loved to see what you could do with the 49ers! 😉

  69. I KNOW! As a Ravens fan, I almost spit at the computer. There’s no mistaking the Panthers for the Ravens!

  70. Maggie, I was waiting for some clarification. And now that we have it, I must confiscate the faux raven on the grounds that I want to snorgle it and kees it—no, WAIT! On the grounds that CO has failed in its stated goal of providing completely correct scientifically valid animal information to John and Jane Qte. Public.

  71. Philadelphienne here.

  72. Santa did indeed have it coming. Considering they grabbed some random dude from the stands to play Santa.

  73. I thought that baby looked more spotty than stripey. 🙂

  74. That’s the most beautiful basket I have ever seen.

  75. You just answered a 6 or 7 year old question for my sister and I. One day when I was visiting, we had some across an obviously newly fledged *something* with gorgeous black/blue feathers, and the most piercingly blue eyes we had aver seen. Now I can confirm, it was a baby raven. Cool! Thank you!

  76. For some melodic Carl (and other scientists, and Mr. Rogers, and Bob Ross), check this site out:

    For once, a good use of AutoTune.

  77. Same here, cheshirekittehkat 😀

  78. Fird Birfle says:

    woo HOO for mctwin’s brother!!!!

  79. Orlando. Been a fan since 1997. 🙂 And that’s the cutest baby Jaguar picnic ever!

  80. phred's mom says:

    Yo!, Who was the verbal target, Juno? I missed this one. Was it
    the guy who got tased? Jayson? A homeplate umpire?
    Philadelphienne here, too, Lisa Carol, hence the “PH” in
    Phred. Still my favorite city. We are loyal, no matter where
    we end up.

  81. Apropos of “nothing”? When you think of something cute to share on this site it is completely logical and appropriate. Especially when you combine bebbeh + fuzzy + giant feetz.

  82. Thank yew. 😀

  83. BB/VA–Thank you thank you thankyou soooo much for posting this link!!! This is so AWSOME!!! Totally and utterly COOL!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  84. You are welcome! I thought that was a pretty cool fact to know! 🙂

  85. Aww the Dolphins need our support more than ever right now! ❤ What a little cutie!

  86. It could have also been a fledgling crow, especially if you were in an urban area. Crows and ravens are hard to tell appart, unless they are next to one another. Their babies look the same: like a scraggly adult, but with blue eyes and a pink mouth. If their parents are around, they beg incessantly with a whiny caw.

  87. I was coming here to comment the same thing, kristen. We are rooting for a Harbaugh Super Bowl!! Go RAVENS!
    Also, little big kitties are my faaaaavorite.

  88. Theresa, I’ve never seen a PIGU chick, only photos online, including the one on this page:, which seems a solid colour, but more dark grey than black. Anyways, this prompted me to take a closer look at the faux raven. I noticed that you can see one of its toes and the foot is not webbed, so PIGU is out.
    How about a King Rail? It’s the closest I’ve found so far thanks to Google. However, the faux raven’s beak seems shorter and doesn’t have a pale area around the nostril. I am such a hopeless bird nerd!
    Incidentally, the day after I posted my original comment about the PIGU, I went for my volunteer shift at the wildlife rehab centre, and there was a PIGU (adult) there! I wouldn’t even have known what PIGU stood for if I hadn’t been researching them the day before. This is not a species that is commonly in care, and everyone was excited about it, although marine birds are a lot of work. I was lucky enough to get a peek at it (they are very shy).

  89. Hey Maggie, a king rail chick looks like a definite possibility:
    King Rail chick by Michael Brown