Caturday: The Most Patient Cat in the World

Watch as this baby (named Ryouga) attempts to nommify patient kitteh Mao’s tail:

Thanks, Maonooya.



  1. At first I was worried he was gonna get scratched, but since the vid was posted probably not. And then he hands the tail to the cat, like “Here, you have some!”

  2. love!

  3. I believe this is one of a series that spans a few years, and you can see this little fella grow up alongside his indulgent marmie buddy! Here’s another:

  4. minimoppel says:

    That’s probably the first baby puking out a hairball.

  5. PS: 1:00 “Hey, this is tasty? Wanna bite?”

  6. Queen of Dork says:

    I like the way the cat at one point WHIPS the tail away like, “Well! (Harumph. rudeness).” And then looks at the baby like, “What on EARTH do you think you’re doing?!”

  7. I think my favorite moment is when the baby tries to feed the cat his own tail, and the cat is like, “Ew! After it’s been in your mouth? That’s just nasty!”

  8. This whole series is just absolutely adorable! Such a sweet little team they are. He’s so tender with the cat and the cat is so tender with the baby, too. This little fella will undoubtedly grow up to be a kind and compassionate young man.

    Here’s another one that I really like:

  9. Hold onto your hats at around :54. The sweetness is head esploding sweet.

  10. Kitty wanted his tail cleaned by his personal tail licker.

  11. what is it with the Japanese and their überkleen floors?? You can’t eat off my kitchen table, let alone off my floor. 😦

  12. Pushing the kitty off the couch is going to cause some serious payback over time. I kept waiting for the kitty to pounce and dig all his claws into the diaper and ride the kid around the room.

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh gosh, Theresa! That reminds me of me and my cat Fat Albert! I wasn’t that young when we began to live with each other, I was five, but we certainly did grow up together and remained the very best of friends throughout both of our childhood years and into adulthood! What a special relationship these two are forming!

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    These are seriously such great relationships! When I was about 9 yrs old, if somebody asked me, “Who is your best friend?” I would have instantly answered, “Fat Albert.”

  15. OMG, how sweet! I’m gonna cry! 😥

  16. I have a colleague with a six-month old daughter and a cat. She says daughter is completely obsessed with the cat and constantly trying to nom her up, being at the age when small bebeh persons put *everything* in their mouths. Cat’s views on this are unclear.

  17. HAW

  18. Believe me, they will not remain so for long. 😛

  19. Just shoots him a dirty look, though. No clawage. Awww!

  20. >SPLODE<

  21. OMG.

  22. Cat is probably thinking “Joke’s on you, kid! Do you know where my tail’s been?”

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah. The cat’s probably thinking about how he just dragged his tail through the litter box! 🙂

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    *gasping for breath* Does anybody have some smelling sal….THUD.

  25. Aw I love near the beginning when the cat poises himself to attack the mystery cretin assaulting his tail, but upon noticing it’s his little baby friend, he relaxes 🙂

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa, he was so great. When I got home from school, he would meet me at the door. Then we would both run up the stairs to my room where I would flop down on my bed and pull from my bookbag, my book. (I was always reading something). Albert would hop up on the bed with me and I would read out loud to him from whatever book it was I was reading at the time and he would lay there and listen and purr. (Albert adored story time!) 🙂

  27. Ahhhh! *holds head together* Must…go…find…my….marmie….to cuddle wif!!! *runs off while still holding pieces of exploded head together, holding some smelling salts out for Queen on my way* 🙂

  28. 4leafclover says:

    Oh, I love this story–it’s the sweetest!! I’m shocked it’s from “real life” and not a scene from a Hayao Miyazaki movie!!

  29. I dunno. I kinda feel bad for the cat. I mean.. what if it turned around and clawed the crap out of that kid? then what? The parents get rid of the cat because it “doesn’t like kids?” poor kitty 😦 the kid should be more gentle and the parents should be telling him to be more gentle.

  30. I am sure Kitteh knows this is hoomin equivalent of bebeh kitteh, so no bities. Bebehs get free passes up to a certain point; after which it is reached, kitteh gets up and moves out of reach.

  31. no shoes in the house, minimal furniture and “stuff”

  32. Clairdelune says:

    I lived there for a few years and could not manage the clean floor thing, ended up hiring someone to come once a week and do her magic…=)

  33. Clairdelune says:

    yes, that definitely helps, but still could quite get it right…

  34. Kitteh’s like, yeah, who’s my bud.

  35. Clairdelune says:

    oops, left out adomthing. as in “could not get it quite right…” (bushing in shame)

  36. Tearing up dammit! Awwww|

  37. Clairdelune says:

    I was amazed, fully expected serious clawage after kitteh’s cry of protest, or serious bities when Baby put his hand in kitteh’s mouth… had the distinct feeling that Marmie Kitteh KNEW this was just a silly hoomin baby who did not know any better.

  38. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    After all the terrible things my son did to the cat – with the cat’s only response being to get out of Dodge as quickly as possible – when he came to me and said “Kitty scratched me!”, my only response was “You MUST have deserved it!” 🙂

  39. EWW Gross Baby Germs……:)

  40. so it’s not that Japanese floors are made out of some kind of magical surface? rats. i thought my cat-furry floor problems might be solved by relocating.

  41. Womble girl says:

    *passes emergency guinea pigs to revive the fallen, and duct tape for ‘sploded heads*

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap. (thanks for the smelling salts, jlamusings. Whew.

    *picks self up slowly and adjusts nurse hat. crap. where’s my other show? I mean shoe? there it is. puts on shoe and attends to peeps dizzily but heartily.*

  43. I’m 29 and I still do this, albeit more gently.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear you like the stories, 4leaf! (at least, I THINK you’re talking about my stories of Albert?) Anyway, I’ve often thought about writing a children’s book about the adventures of Stef and Albert. There would be so many! Albert actually had his own room on the second floor of the house, which was situated in the forest. Sometimes, he and I would open the window in his bedroom and crawl out onto the roof there that overhang the garage. (My mother would not have approved of this). The adventures we had in the back yard could fill an entire chapter! 🙂

  45. Nah, this cat loves his hoomin baby and baby loves him. Check out all their other videos as they grow up together; nothing but kindness from both parties. At this age, all baby can do is gum the cat’s tail. Besides, kitty can easily out run, out maneuver, and outwit baby.

  46. Dang it! Now I’m gonna cry. I love Albert. I would SO read that book.

  47. Om nom tail.

  48. Lisa Carol says:

    Relax. I’m am going around the room with duct tape for ‘sploded heds.

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    Thanks, Lisa. Please don’t forget the WD-40 for stiff and squeaky necks. The patients must be able to turn their heads from side to side to watch the kittens and puppies as they race one another up and down the halls. (Observing such activities is essential to the healing process in peeps)

  50. AWW 😀 Poor kitty 😀 Having to put up with all that 😀

  51. 4leafclover says:

    Yes, Q of D, I was talking about your story! A children’s book is a splendid idea!! In my mind, I was picturing you and your cat as characters in a Miyazaki movie, because there was such a warm, sweet and charming quality to your story…

  52. I know, and the cat opens it’s mouth to “taste”! Priceless!!! 😀

  53. QoD, please do write that book! I would love to hear about the adventures in “the backyard wild-wood”. I had a border collie friend when I was young, too. Mom told me I learned to walk by grabbing a handful of hair on the dog, and then he would take steps along side me, and wait if I fell, until I got up and balanced again, and then off we would go. Sport was his name.

  54. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    That is so awesome that you would read to Albert and he would PURR!. I’m going to suggest that my Mom read to her Pepper Anne. Kitty love to you =^..^=

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    You all have made me feel really happy! Thanks! I really needed to feel happy. Ids7yrs? I ADORE that Sport helped teach you how to walk! How cool is that?

  56. Yes! Pleeeease write the book. I can totally visualize the scenes from your descriptions–came to my head in a cartoon/anime look. How wonderful to have your own personal animal friend from such a young age! 🙂

  57. My heart esploded at the face-lickings! Beyond sweet!

  58. People, will you please post those links on workdays so I my head explodes during work time and not valuable free time?? 😀 😀

    Kitteh and micro-hoomin are BFFs forever!
    Marmies are awesome. I like the vid where the little boy is running around with the ribbon/string and at the end kitteh is all “Eh. I will just wait here and leeck myself while he runs around the couch again.” Adorable.

  59. Absolutely. He was ready to kill until he saw it was “just the kid”.

  60. One of our cats is so so patient up to a certain age, with both kittens and humans. They can gnaw, push, pull, grab, chase, etc, and he just wanders away when he’s had enough. At some determined point though, he figures they’re old enough to know better and starts laying the smackdown on the kittens and thwapping the babies (claws retracted).

    It doesn’t take kittens or babies long to figure out that Sigmund and Timaeus are great pals, Abby & Xanthippe are to be avoided.

  61. He would probably just get firmly batted, if anything. Animals usually understand about babies.

  62. Queen of Dork says:

    Emergency guinea pigs?? What a fabulous treatment! How come I didn’t think of that one!!??

  63. That startled “mrow” was rather cute :33

  64. i love the ending. it’s like “We have come to an understanding.”

  65. Yes, we had a wirehaired doxie when I was a baby and when my hand got a bit too close to her eyes, she’d just gently grab it and move it away.

  66. Just hope the sequel won’t be “Cat got your tongue?”.

  67. I would read the heck out of that book! Perhaps a partnership with CO could make such a thing happen?

  68. I love moment 0:36, when Mao goes, “What the…!!”

  69. I don’t usually saw, “Awww” out loud, but did twice!
    Love that the kid is making a point of sharing all the objects with kitty, as if to say, “All I have is yours”.