The Possumtroversy Continues

We’ve asked beforeAre. Possums. Cute? Here we go again. But this time, for your polemic possum posturing, we’re throwing in a new contender, the Golden Brushtail Possum!

Rule #3: Inquisitive Look – CHECK!

Rule #13: Juicy eyes and nose – CHECK!

That’s all the proof we need! Thanks, Buzzfeed!



  1. This is a very cute AND beautiful baby!!

  2. I’m pretty sure we settled it a long time ago. CUTE!

    And this one looks like a fuzzy hamster.

  3. I think there’s no controversy about the Aussie varieties of possum. They are CUTE! It’s the American Opossum that gives some people the willies.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    ….izzit a Trique Question?? B/c I’m kinda skeered that Tha Meg might be mad at moi eef Ah tay-uhl the Truthiness.

    (while this one’s furry Frawnsche Vanilla Furre is prettier than most ‘possums sport …
    Ah feelz kinda creeped-out. Spesch ’bout them thair fangaires and them thair K-nuckles on ’em…. A-yund Ah usually lahks me some K-nobby K-nees…so even Ah
    don’t rightly unnersta-yund mah reackshon …..) Sorry ’bout that Madame Meg and Ah’m glay-ud YOO lahks and enjoys ’em …..

    *looks around for the Meg Mafia*

    *bravely runs away, away*

  5. My jury is still out on all varieties o’ possums. This was is creepi-cute. Weird digits. Maybe it’s just me.

  6. Doesn’t teh BEF automatically make this little guy/gal cute ?

  7. Emmberrann says:

    Oi! Oi second the moushion- thees leetle fellah ees a cyutee, speshly cuz of the beeeedy oi factah- *if you read this aloud, it’s sort of like Strine -*

  8. It’s cute, EXCEPT…for Dracula hands and two toed clawfeet. Looks like it could manhandle you.

  9. The fluffy tail pulls it into the cute ring!

  10. Possums are freakin’ ADORABUHLS.

  11. Yep. Mittens and booties for the possum, please,so we can focus on the Qte!

  12. This Golden possum is very cute! Does he really only have two digits on the back feets? that’s what i though at first glance but maybe his other toesies are on the other side of the trunk in a gripping action?

    Speaking from someone who lives in the south, this critter looks absolutely *nothing* like our hideous, filthy, rabid possums that lurk around in garbage cans and try to outrun cars. +1 CUTE

  13. I’m going with cute on this guy – what creeps me about the possums in the US is their horrifying tails. This one has fuzz to cover up his tailio!

  14. And heah’s anothah of ah mahhsupial frrinds, the possum. Known for multiplyin’ and throwin’ pahhties in people’s attics. 😛

  15. Possumhandle.

  16. The Pink Menace says:

    Possums are totally cute! I put food out every evening for the feral kitties and late at night Mrs. Possum comes by with her four little baby possums and takes the leftovers. Don’t tell me they aren’t cute! They are freakin’ adorable!

    However, I do NOT like raccoons!

  17. Golden brushtail possum. Golden lion tamarin, golden retriever, golden hamster, golden bamboo lemur, golden-eye duck, golden mantled ground squirrel…

    Is this just a co-incidence, or it it time to think about humbly submitting a suggestion for a new rule to the Society for Quantifying Every Exquisite Edorable Enimal?

  18. Yes, I agree with Tamara. This little darling is the upscale version of our possums here in the south. Dare I say it?? We have trailer trash possums down here, and this looks like a Park Avenue socialite.

  19. This is the Charlize Theron of the possum world.

  20. This looks almost like a fuzzy piglet with hands. I feel like I should be asking it what its favourite colour is, or something.


  22. Agreed. The icky tails on the ones in our yard result in the moniker “tree rats.” UGH!

  23. Baby possums=cute. Mom nursing baby possums=cute. Adult possum alone=NOT cute.

  24. *Approves of tailio fuzz*

  25. Agree! Adult not-so-cute, espesch if you can see ze pointay toofers!

  26. Why is this possum so much cuter than the flat ones by the road in my city? *sad* Those are somewhat scary looking.

  27. Okay, THAT is the cutest possum ever!

  28. Silly peeps, ofc possums are cute! Pandas are cute, and sloths, even though they have claws… and kittehs! We all have bad hair days, american possums probably a bit more than anyone else.. anywhere… ever… but still! Cute. Yes. Definitely cute.

  29. I mean, you know, pandas and sloths have claws, and kittehs have claws.. pandas and sloths don’t necessarily have kittehs.. they might, though.. anywayyougetmypoint. Kthanxbye.

  30. Am I missing something? Is there a list somewhere of the Rules of Cuteness? If not, how does everyone (except me) remember what they all are and know which number is which? When I click everything I can find (including the Glossary entry) that says Rules of Cuteness, I get a page with all posts that are labeled Rules of Cuteness, which may include all the rules if you look through hundreds of posts, but also include all the posts that REFER to the rules. Is there a list?

  31. Fird Birfle only runs away – and lives to Fight anuvver day – awww get back here Fird Birfle WE WUV YOU

  32. phred's mom says:

    Well said!

  33. Andi in NC says:

    agreed – the leeetle hands freak me out a bit – they seem kind of knotty and grandma lookin’ which is a little creepy in one so young

  34. The deelicious sherbet color in pic 1 doesn’t hurt!

  35. so cute!!!

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    *snif* really? ok — 🙂

  37. Fird Birfle says:


  38. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats says:

    Animals are NOT required to have fluffy tails to be cute. Harumph.

  39. Fird Birfle says:

    There IS something fun for you to find!!!

    Look at the VERY VERY top of yer Cute Overload page. ANY Cute Overload page. Above the pictures/ posts.
    See how there are approx six “file tab” lookin’ words there? Sometimes one might change slightly. The one at upper left says “Home”. Then the next one, presently,
    is for the 2013 Calendar information. THEN, the NEXT one has the word GLOSSARY. Get a snack and a beverage (but, of course, DON”T put those down anywhere near your keyboard or screen b’c they might get knocked over when you find something particularly hoomerous). Click on Glossary. THAT alone has all SORTS of silliness & fun in it. BUT in Glossary, under the “R”s….you should find the
    Rules of Cuteness!!!! I’m telling you, don’t take any telephone calls or schedule your cable repairman while you’re exploring the Glossary or the R of C.


  40. Agreed! Two of the cutest (& smartest) critters I ever met were two white ratties I met at Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Tx. . They were the much loved companions and performers of the maiden who ran the Cirque de Sewer show. They were awesome! 🙂

  41. Are possums cute? Google the greater glider, another Australian possum. No, those aren’t pictures of stuffed animals. CONTROVERSY SETTLED.

  42. Michael, here’s a partial list to get you started. The first 20 Rules of Cuteness.

  43. Thank you for the links.

  44. Flat takes the cute out of everything.

  45. Well Fird – I mean LOOKIT teh qute not da same wivout our fird birfle – was there once a first and sekkond birfle before you being da fird

  46. This little fella is definitely cute. Case closed.