Hoodie Cutest Pup In the Hood?

What do we even call this tiny stowaway? Backpup? Hood ornament? Pupoose? Or do we just call it brain-meltingly cute and call it a day?

Adorbs, JordanAnthony


  1. Watch out miss! There’s a hoodlum(p) behind you!

  2. It’s a pupoose, of course.

  3. I’m sure with Oakley and crew around, we’re not anywhere near out of puns!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    I also vote for “pupoose”.

  5. This, Golden Age of Hollywood style (seriously, click for a major “squee”– have I ever steered you wrong?)

  6. Is there anything better than Cary Grant with a pocket puppy? *sigh*

  7. In moderation cos I’m so tired I spelled “baby dog” correctly. I’m just gonna go nap on that chaise longue, if y’all don’t mind!

  8. “Is that a puppeh in your pocket, or are you glad to see me???”

  9. BWAHAHAHA! Hey Angel, I was just thinking “I guess he’s not happy to see me !”

  10. Theresa, he’s in my inter-dimensional stable of husbands! Who knew the Qte he possesses could be amplified?

  11. ^ what you said, verbatim

  12. Oh no, please un-moderate my comment– it has an awesome link of awesomeness!

  13. I am going to sit right here and pout until Theresa is let out of moderation.

  14. Wow, you guys have some serious pull!

  15. Aw, pleeese, let me out. Oooh, croissants!

  16. Brain-meltingly cute hood ornament?

  17. lol

  18. (mental image of Miss Schnozz crammed in a hood like this is making me laugh SO MUCH)

  19. :-D

  20. Ok, this may sound snarky, which is truly not my intent, but my first thought was she lost a hair extension when she flipped down her hood. A extension with eyes. Oh, and I call MATCHINGKS (hair & pup)! :-)

  21. I don’t think it sounds snarky. Quite a good observation.

  22. I just checked the hoodie in my closet. No puppers there. *sulks*

  23. Would it be cuter if the hoodie was on backwards with the puppeh in the hood?… I’ll let you know after trying it out with my Zoey when I get home!

  24. matchinks hair!

  25. and, fuzzers on ear-flaps!

  26. Emmberrann says:

    Fuzzers on girl’s ear-flaps? Rilly?

  27. *gasp* McPuppersons is overwhelmingly cute!

  28. Now why didn’t I think of that?! And I’ve only been giving myself hoodie-hair since I bought one of those things.


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