#CorgiCam, live in color!

We’ve had reports of snoozing, snuggling, and snorgling Corgi Puppehs, all piled in a heap. Let’s go live to the scene of the..um, snorgle, for the latest deets and tweets!

Corgi-Riffic, Pet Collective!



  1. oh good lord, there goes what little work productivity i was having for the day!

  2. Well, there goes being a productive member of society.

  3. Right now they are so tie-tie! I feel like sleeping too

  4. O mah gah! The eyemasks. The chubbular tummies! The stubbular legsies! The tail-less tocks!!!! *thud*

  5. nap time

  6. fleurdamour says:

    A couple weeks ago they were just proto-Corgular blobs. All they did was lie on that warming plate and snore. Now, good Lord, they could take over the world.

    If I had a hoomin-sized warming plate, I would cease to be a productive member of society. Nothing but naps for me.

  7. Those are really well trained Corgis! Every time that rotating circle appears in their room, they all freeze. It’s amazing.

  8. Where are they – where do they live – got my check book – where’s my coat

  9. I might as well have stayed home for all the work I’ll accomplish today. 🙂

  10. Well there goes any hope I have of getting work done today. Corgis! Puppies! VideoCam! OK, now back to the show..

  11. Super cute bundles of joy! (and pee and poo) Does anyone clean these little guys? They seem hungry and one of them was eating poo!!!!!!! :(((