Who ordered the Warm Grey Kitten Ball?

[pushes forward in a ‘here!’ motion]

Via Lace and Flora.


  1. That would be me! [grabs kitteh politely] Thank you!

  2. ceejoe, you already have enough cats. I need more. Hand it over, please.

  3. But I don’t have a gray one! [pouting]

  4. I’ll take this kitten, and you can have Eddy. Problem solved.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    Hi, maggie:
    Only about two days ago, in our direct email, I actually asked QoD would she like contact info for animal shelters, from me researching, right near her. She told me she had tried to awaken her daughter by offering to go RIGHT NOW to get a kitten.

    But b’lieve it or not, she said “no thanks”, for now. But I bet she’d love
    to perhaps VOLUNTEER at a shelter to get some kittie-time-fix.

  6. emmberrann says:

    Youz guyz should share! I ain’t got any, so it’s my turn!

  7. Ha. Poor ol’ Eddy.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    *somewhat less politely than ceejoe*



  9. Doesn’t QoD need a new kitty? I propose we offer it to her firsties and if she doesn’t want it, well, then……..grabs kittayn and runs like the wind!!!

  10. Oh dear…

  11. I ordered the warm grey kitten platter.

  12. fleurdamour says:

    Grab your kit and go.

  13. redvelvetrose says:

    Aww… that’s what my Legolas looked like when he was a baby! There’s just something so endearing about all-grey/blue kittens. Granted, ALL kittens are endearing, no matter what color they are. But something about the blue ones is particularly heart-tugging. Maybe because they aren’t as eye-catching as tabbies or tuxies or the other solid colors. Legolas was an only kitten in a shelter full of litters… and he knew he wasn’t as “pretty” as the other kittens. It’s part of the reason I took him. I was afraid no one would adopt him because he didn’t “stand out”. Joke was on me! He grew into a wonderfully sleek and very outgoing cat! He had to be put to sleep this past February because of his FeLV and I still miss his meows.

  14. I find your theory interesting. When I used to do foster care, we would list any all-gray kitttens/cats as “Russian Blue mix,” and then they just flew out the doors. :)

  15. fleurdamour says:


  16. fleurdamour, are you hanging out with 260oakley? Or is punning contagious?

  17. redvelvetrose, I’m sorry about your little furry angel. I bet he was bee-YOU-tiful. I love kittens and cats, no matter what color, stripe, spot, or patchwork they come with. But I think that blue/grey ones are haunting and beautiful – simply classic!

    Hugs to you!

  18. AWW :cry: I am so sorry about the loss of your dear sweet Legolas, redvelvetrose :cry: I am sure there is a grey (gray) kitty in a shelter somewhere waiting for you to adopt him/her :)

  19. I did and your LATE!!! Must have snorgles, now…..

  20. fleurdamour says:

    This is clearly a case of facepalm.

  21. I hope they brought enough for everyone !

  22. Same here, Mudbug :D I so want to snorgle that grey (gray) kitty :D I just love grey (gray) kitties as well as black kitties :D

  23. Oh for heaven’s sake! The hairdo on this little handful is too cute. My head is all “splodey” look at this sweet teeny bundle.

  24. That is the legendary Blue Kitten of Happiness.

  25. fleurdamour says:

    Blue Furred of Nap-iness

  26. RoadRunner says:

    Snorgles included.

  27. Oh dear… I had to say farewell to my 16-year-old tuxie girl last week after a very quick decline. Her marmalade sister and I have been thinking about the sort of kitten with whom we might like to share our house, and I must say, this one fits the bill perfectly!

  28. I’m so sorry for your loss, patris. I hope you and Miss Marmie bring home another dear kitteh to love very soon. It will help fill some of the empty places in your heart. *hug*

  29. sigh… ok, here you go… [hands kitteh over]

  30. *hands ceejoe a warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk*

  31. Patris, I’m sending hugs your way, too. Be good to yourself and your ginger girl.

  32. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear sweet tuxie kitty, patris (@wordgirl) :cry: I am sure there is a grey (gray) kitty in a shelter somewhere that is waiting for you to adopt him/her :)

  33. onthemoney774 says:

    I will take a double serving, please!

  34. OK, who forgot to clean out the dryer vent?

  35. I was expecting more of an “I’m Spartacus” moment in reply to the question.

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    Will it help if I say it, now???

    I’m Spartacus!!!

  37. I’m pretty sure I’m Spartacus, too. And I want seconds.

  38. I know where you can get one of those, freshly snipped and ready for adoption…


  39. Warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur…

  40. Soft Kitty FTW!!!

  41. fleurdamour says:

    Grey kitty, sweet kitty, purr, purr purr!

  42. Fird Birfle says:


  43. absolutely adorable

  44. If only everyone could appreciate the simple and sublime joy these creatures can provide, the world would be a better place.

  45. +1,000,000,000

    I do! I do!

  46. I will take a dozen, please. Wrap ’em up. :oO~

  47. I want a grey kitteh named “Priority”.

  48. fleurdamour says:

    Make sure it’s a male.

  49. *snerk* Good one, fleurdamour!

  50. *snerk* Good one, fleurdamour!

  51. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    Aww, looks like my Maggie as a baby. She was palm-size when she came to us, and now, well, it takes both hands to lift her!

  52. Fird Birfle says:

    My guy Salinger was less than hand-sized, too. A friend of mine found him,
    orphaned and isolated in some grass, beside a jogging trail no mama or brothers/sisters anywhere nearby. He knocked on the nearest apt doors but never found any others of the litter, so he brought him to me and Salinger literally curled up on my beating heart and fell asleep. Contract??
    Who signs a contract??? I wuz dun for.

  53. AWW :D I am so glad that you were able to give Salinger a loving forever home, Fird Birfle :D

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    thank you Teresa. He was teh awesomest.
    RIP Salinger!!! (hopefully, he went “up” and, mebbe I’ll get to go “up” and will see him agin ….)

  55. That’s a dust bunny worth picking up.


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