Hat Trick

… and now, as my lovely assistant Trixie VaVoom shimmies into the Chapeau of Wonders, I repeat the mystic incantation taught to me by the Sultan Ali Ben-Gazarra: Omnibus linoleum nabisco… Hey, wake up! This floored ’em in Reno!




  1. 1. Trixie VaVoom
    2. Chapeau of Wonders
    3. Sultan Ali Ben-Gazzara
    4. Omnibus linoleum nabisco!!

    Sounds like NTMTOM, baby. 😛

  2. I would totally hire Puppies in a Hat for my party, and I’m turning 34 this year!

  3. no puppehs in my hats 😦
    I want a magician puppeh! lookit those ear flaps!

    p.s. linoleum? floored?! HAH! Good one, ntmtom

  4. *snort*

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    I think that Mike is likely to be familiar with the delightful oeuvre of
    Senor Ernie Kovacs …..

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    I have flappy ears!!! Do they count, for anything???

  7. Are those Saint Bernard pups? They’re just lovely, and of course NOMTOM’s caption cost me another keyboard.

  8. That’s some impressive prestidigi-tail-tion!


  10. TMI! 🙂

  11. Credo in, at most, unum deum
    Caveat nabisco mausoleum

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like puppeh on the left is saying “rise!” and commanding the apparition out of the hat (to be discarded into a lump, like puppeh on the right.)

  13. Such Classic NTMTOM. LOL.

  14. LOVE this.

  15. What kinda puppies are these???
    I want one! or 2–or3

  16. Also PDQ Bach

  17. Oh, you need to hear about the Spit-Bath King. 😀

  18. They keep you from sinking completely into that hat. 😛

  19. Coitus interruptus bonus meum;
    Kimo sabe watchum what you sayum;
    Lord, have mercy on my soul so low 😀

  20. Sim sim salabim! Bring those puppeh to me! … nothing….

    Dammit! It always worked for Hadji, I guess you can’t learn magic from cartoon characters of the 60’s.

  21. 😀

  22. phred's mom says:

    When Ernie was on TV in Philadelphia, way back when,
    I used to watch him. Lurved him!!!!! *whisper* I was in
    junior high. Don’t tell anybody! Shhhhhh……………….

  23. Cute animals, awesome virtual snacks, and classical music geekery – did I mention I love this site? 😀

  24. emmberrann says:

    Fird, were you a member of the EEFMS? For those who remember, this is an Ernie Kovacs thing. And EK would have loved this.

  25. Firdie…are they nommable flappy ears???! I WANT THE PUPPEHS!!!!

  26. These guys are!

  27. Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice, S. 2n-1. 😀

  28. Hey! What about the lovely Nani Darnell??

  29. Ah, but you can learn it from Magicians of the 60’s (and their assistants).


  30. I think these are Cavalier King Charles spaniels, like my girl looked 13 years ago.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    *shy* I dunno, Emmylee!!!!

    ceejoe: BWA HA HAAAAAA (devil face, which I dunno how to make)

  32. Fird Birfle says:

    My own similar nondiscretion was watching M.Python’s Flying Circus
    (the nightly program, at that time aired — I believe — on local pbs. This was *whisper* before cable tv existed!!!!

    (I was supposed to have been asleep two hours prior ….)

  33. Fird Birfle says:

    emberran: I was not, nor have I ever (knowingly) been a member of the EEFMS, much to my dismay and sh@me. You?

    For Others who might not yet know these eccentricities, here is a bit of an informational thinggie (not on thet EEFMS specifically, but re. Senor Kovacs’ oeuvre):


  34. stbernardmom says:

    There is nothing like a St Bernard puppy, and believe me, you can’t own just one!!!

  35. Personally, I always thought “Meka-leka-hi-meka-hi-nee-ho” were the awesomest magic words.