Faux Real?

No. I mean yes. It’s faux, but, it might be the only way I can have a pocket baby polar bear.

If it’s cute, it’s real BMXrider3996.



  1. Ok, you can just hand it/him over asap, I am ready! I have cleaned out aaaaall my pockits, so this li`l guy can move in aaaaaaaaaaany time.
    So… *taps foot*
    why is my pockit still empty? Weeeell??

  2. Very nice BEF there, Fauxlar Bear!

  3. Oh. My. God. What lucky person gets to play with Baby polar bear before they’re old enough to rip your head off? I am so in the wrong line of work.

  4. Sooo stinking cute…

  5. Anybody- since this is not a real bear, it is a toy!

  6. And by the look of the craftsmanship, a veeeeeerryyyy expensive toy.

  7. So cute and so very lifelike. I would love to get one. anyone knows where it’s from?

  8. There’s no way this can be a real polar bear!
    I kid, I know it’s a real polar bear.
    I kid…again.

  9. My pockets are ALWAYS empty. Plenty of room here.

  10. heaven?

  11. I am a fool for faux bears. also is it polar bear day at Cuteoverload today? Because if so I want to head riht over to the headquartes with fish and glitter and extra thick padding so I can get a polar bear hug.

  12. Adorable!

  13. I must have eet, stat!!

  14. Okay, I’m slow on the uptake today. Is that a toy bear or a real cub? Can’t be real, … can it? If it’s a toy, where can I get one??? I’m starry-eyed!

  15. If this is a toy, is it made with real fur? Is that maybe creepy?

  16. emmberrann says:

    Eet ees faux reeeel.

  17. emmberrann says:

    Eet ees reel faux.

  18. THANK YOU. I was in the camp of the Confused.

  19. Megumi's Mom says:

    Tatiana, the artist who makes these, usually works in Mohair, but I don’t know if this fella is made from the same material.