Announcing 2013 Cute Overload Calendars, People!

We’re back! Introducing the 2013 calendar based on Cute Overload: “The Fuzziest, Nicest Blog On The Planet”! (CBS News!) 365 Days of Impossibly Cute Photos, at low, low prices! Two options from which to choose! [waves hand over crowd]

2013 Page-a-Day Calendar

and the…

2013 Wall Calendar

Ready to order! Operators are standing by!

Let’s check out the Page-a-Day calendar first. Look how nice it would look on your lawn. Yes, you correctly recognize Heisman Ham on the cover!

You can learn new Glossary terms every day. Use these terms at home and office to DEF IMPRESS

New this year, we also have Photo Assignments, where you can participate in the action:

Heisman isn’t the only ham in there – check the beady-eyed action on January 28!

If the Page-a-Day isn’t your format – go Big with the jumbo Wall Calendar! (Actual size is about 12 by 18 inches)

Inside, each month shows a massive image of overwhelming cuteness, AND a photo each day.

Be sure to enjoy ALL the famous Cute Overload Rules of Cuteness and wonderfully hilarious captions by Not That Mike The Other Mike!

So whether you’re going Back to school, or looking for the perfect hostess gift, or getting a kick start to your Christmas shopping, it’s all about the:

2013 Wall Calendar – Order now!

and the…

2013 Page-a-Day Calendar – Order now!



  1. 🙂

  2. A tremendous addition to any home or work space!! PS Those hover texts are funny whoever deed those.

  3. Hot off the presses! Every year I order at least three of each. They make excellent Christmas presents, so you should all buy a bunch!

  4. oh GET OUT! that hammie on the swing!? are you kidding me!!?? call 911 i’m having a case of the vapors!

  5. Just received 3 Cute Overload desk calendars: one for me (naturally!) & 2 for gifts. Can’t even begin to fathom a day without my Cute Overload.

  6. It’s like a slice of heaven on your desk, People! I gar-an-tee. The images are even better than the 2012, and Not That Mike did a bang-up writing job on it too. Check it out!

  7. Jodi Stinebaugh says:

    Got mine! Happiness!

  8. Sweeeeeet!!!!! It is the only calendar I actually look at! It’s always on my Christmas list!

  9. Chief Sister Officer says:

    RAD! I’m gonna put one up in office! All the cool kids are doing it.

  10. meltinsmush says:

    So kewt I’m gettin weepie.

  11. I canNOT order these yet! I would be too tempted to look at all the pages ahead of time! I didn’t realize the wall calendar had a pic per day also. May have to get some of those also. 🙂 (I have a colleague who comes to my room every day just to “see the qte”!)

  12. legolandpenguin says:

    Aww, love the hammie on the swing! Tried to order the daily one, though, and it brings me to the 2012 calendar.

  13. The link to 2013 Page-A-Day seems wrong. The Amazon page is saying 2012, though I could make out “2013” in the picture. I wonder if the packing staff at Amazon will pick the wrong item if I order using this description. Better to use this link:–Calendar/dp/0761167382/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1346821860&sr=1-1&keywords=2013+cute+overload

    Looking forward to get my copieS!!! =)

  14. no, the wall calendar is the best. I stare at mine on the potty everyday. It’s not on the potty, I am. It’s on the wall. duh.
    lately i can’t stop mumbling to myself: “sitting on my derriere taking in the dairy air.”
    Oh that cow is such a chunk!

  15. My jaw dropped on the floor at the first page-a-day page pic: my birthday is March 18th! Def marking that down as a Personal Day Off, lol!

  16. Can I order these calendars through Chapters 😀 Please let me know 😀

  17. Way to gerhe, Jody! Thank you for Supporting the Kittens™.

  18. Couldn’t agree more, Katie. How can a date really be meaningful IF THERE ISN’T A PROSH ANIMAL ON IT?

  19. Rad, indeed, C.S.O. Maybe even tubular.

  20. Just don’t let your cryin’ keep you from buyin’.

  21. You *could* wait until 2013 is over, but I wouldn’t recommend that!

  22. The page is actually linking to the correct calendar, but the title of the page is wrong… : ( We’ve asked the peeps in charge to fix that…

  23. Thank you for ordering Julie! The title on the Amazon page is incorrect, but the product is right. We’ve asked the peeps in charge to fix the page title… We hope you enjoy your calendars.

  24. “Sitting on my derriere, taking in the dairy air” is a KLASSIC line! Thanks for ruhminding us.

  25. DO IT MIE! DO EET!

  26. Oh, thank you, Meg 😀 (REALLY BIG CYBER HUG) I can get them at the local Chapters here in Canada 😀



  29. I just got my calendar, shipped all the way to New Zealand………. and it’s a 2012. 😐