Sense A Pattern?

Cute Overload likes to have “Theme” posts. You know, where all the images are all related to each other in some way.

Now it’s your chance. Tell us what the common thread is! Comments encouraged.

Bunny by (seriously) Walgreens, puppeh by dunno, deer from Reddit, and heffalumpz from the Edinburgh Zoo via ZooBorns.



  1. missbianca says:

    Dem heffalumps is hippopotalumps.

  2. It’s a little early for Bunday or ‘Tocktober, Count Splayage fawn Hippobutt

  3. I have no idea what you’re ‘tockin about! 😉

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    Brinke is practicing for “Tocktober!!!!

  5. Dammit! Accidentally erased ‘Professor Tailio’.

  6. Tocktober Preview!

  7. Lewis n' Clark says:

    ‘Tocks and “Triangles?

  8. Reblogged this on patriciaddrury and commented:
    Hahaha… I needed a kick in the butt and I love this today! Just what the DDS ordered… 🙂

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    Those really are the cutest ‘tocks I’ve seen in a looong time. And the bebeh deer’s velvety forehead.. *sigh* ..

  10. 1knitchick says:

    Your getting ready for ‘tocktober!!!!!!!!

  11. E-Z! Every one of these pictures is cuticle! 😉

  12. mmmmmm, errrrmmmmmm, clocks, docks, mocks…, no, wait, wait….frocks….noooo, wait, i have it, just lemmmeee think, socks….pocks….rocks….waaaaahhhooo i KNOW….its TOCKS….(right???)

  13. Fird Birfle says:

    AND THEYre pretty, FUZZY too 🙂

  14. I see your hiney. Its nice and shiny. You better hide it, or I might bite it.

    nom nom nom

  15. Tocks!

  16. ‘tock ‘tacular!

  17. Gee golly whiz…could it possibly be…duh-duh DUUUN…TOCKS!!? Naw, that’d be too OBvious! 😉 (not as fond of the 4th set of ‘tocks, but the first three— squeeeeeeeeee!)

  18. I love tocks there is no ifs ands or butts about it 😉

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    What is that there?

    Why it’s BONUS SCROTUM!

    Hippos really don’t have big enough tails…

  20. That is the cutest bunny butt I’s evah seen in my whole life. I swear.

  21. I know, I know! Its tocks, tocks time, time for tocks!! Yeah tocks.

  22. I tinks it be tocks!

  23. Tocks and Tails?

  24. jellybaby says:

    Oh my goodness, tockin’ around the clock!

  25. I believe you are all wrong. The correct answer is MAMMALS!

  26. I’ll wait here while you figure it out … tick tock, tick tock

  27. All things ‘tocktacular?

  28. Prince Harry in Vegas?

  29. That last one seems to be a mama hiptopoptamus and her baby, not hefalumpz.

  30. Doug the Box says:

    I know all about their poisonous cuteness. I’m an ‘tocksicologist’.

  31. LunaChickFringe says:

    Bunny butt is nigh on irresistable. They know it, too.

  32. I totally DIG the hover on that bun’s buns shot. Seriously I don’t even think I could stand turning it to 11! The cuteness is already massively crazy, off the charts. A perfect shot. #lovesit

  33. Walton Ridges says:

    They’re pygmy hippo’s … 😛

  34. The rabbit is so cute (-: Avtualy had one just like the one on the pictures some years ago (yeas, as a pet..). He was soo cool! Loved to be pet ❤ Miss him (-:

  35. CuteFox92 says:

    I think the bunny butt is somehow quite sexy. ;3

  36. I’m no tocksacologist but…adorable hineys?

  37. is it that all of the backgrounds are slightly out of focus? or that all of them feature nature in some way – i mean one is inside, but has a lot of wood in the flooring and furniture.
    other than that, i can’t imagine what they have in common.
    unless it is the cuteness factor. because that is making my brain fragment.
    fragments of brain.

  38. O.O not exactly the bonus feature I’d imagine seeing on CO

  39. phred's mom says:

    My thought eggzactly, ‘Tocks ‘n’ Tails” it is!!

  40. phred's mom says:

    Isn’t that bun in the back yard of Buck House?
    Buckingham Palace, to us Yanks.

  41. Tocktober a’cometh! WHOOHOOO!!

  42. It’s not even Tock’tober!!!

  43. Loretta Eck says:

    VERY Prosh ‘tocks.

  44. ‘Tocks rock!

  45. I vote for hidden noses as the theme.

  46. Hey is that Pemberley in the background of the first photo?

  47. In-TOCKS-icating!

  48. Oh thank god bonus scrotum isn’t a category on CO!

  49. I kinda figured I’d end up in the mod lounge for that last comment. Mmmmm. They’re serving goats balls fondue!

  50. This is Sept. 1st right…I thought I’d missed a month and we already in Tocktober!

  51. 8|

  52. Clairdelune says:

    It’s the cotton puff tail that does it. Reistance is futile.

  53. Clairdelune says:


  54. Clairdelune says:

    Yeay for Stef! Hidden noses it is.

  55. I was gonna say the last one is not heffalumpz but hipponoceroses. They’s all cute butts, but you don’t have any fluffy birdybutts. 😦

  56. Cute lil puppy ‘tocks, bunny ‘tocks, baby deer ‘tocks, ‘tocks all over the place !!!

  57. *groan*

  58. Fird Birfle says:


  59. Butt-tember? The precursor to tock-tober?

  60. Hahahahah!
    Well done.

  61. Ed Zachary what I was thinking!

  62. It does look like Pemberley (which was actually Chatsworth in Derbyshire) – maybe bunny is waiting for Mr Darcy to emerge dripping from the lake …

  63. Tockin’ bout tocks? Tock around the clock.

  64. I believe this is the Tails of 4 Cities!

  65. Noo they’re cute alright but it can’t be tocktober yet or I’ve missed by berfday! Confus :s

  66. hello tailios!

  67. Me toof.

  68. Parting shots.

  69. oooh,I know! Pick me! Mememememe!!!!!! I know! TOCKS!!!!!!!