Color Me Cute: Part Three

Confetti: Multiple bits of color that is pretty, festive and in this picture, the background to little Oliver Twist.

I’ve just had a heart Attack of the Cute.



  1. Now those are some prosh puppeh dog eyes… I’ll pick you up and dry you off, little one! You can share my umbrella any time.

  2. ooh, he looks a lot like a puppy i just rescued, is there any way to find out what kind of dog this is?

  3. bob drummond says:

    Doesn’t this picture make your heart melt ? – it did for mine !!!

  4. d’waw! WANT!!! *grabby hands*

  5. O. M. G. If someone doesn’t invent a way, STAT, for me to reach through my screen and pick that little guy up and snuggle him to death, I’m gonna pop a vein. Seriously. That’s potent shiz.

  6. heart is aching, must cuddle wet puppy, can not stop myself…

  7. Please, sir, may I have more? Give me more, now I say!!!! More pupiness NOW!

  8. Second!

  9. Now nobody could say no when those giant wet puppeh eyes ask you for MORE!

  10. ReaderLady says:

    Is it me, or does that look like a net fishing the poor pupster out of a flood? If so, I’m glad he got rescued!

  11. he looks like a border collie pup – i have one and they are one of my fave breeds. So adorables!

  12. Innaresting: I saw a mosaic-y cobblestone-y confetti-y petal-y European-y-street pavement.

  13. Wow it relly does look like a net!

  14. it’s you 🙂 it’s a wet pavement with some colored paper pieces (like during Carneval) and obviously it’s raining

  15. “I can haz more confetti?”

  16. emmberrann says:

    “What does you wants, li’l pupster? More cuddles? More pats? More treats? More getting in out of the wet and getting towel rubbies to get dry? Hmmmm?”

  17. Someone just pick him up and take him home for warm milk bones and comfy laps.

  18. All……most……there……….colors of the rainbow……….
    Sweet puppy eyes, make you melt!