Ride ‘Em, Cowboy

This here’s Whiplash The Rodeo Monkeh aboard Bud The Border Collie, starring at the Reno Row-de-oh.

Y’all come back now, Dan Callister…ya heah?


  1. I don’t know whose idea it was to put a monkey in a cowboy suit on top of a saddled border collie but they should’ve won the Nobel Prize or sumpin. What a riot!! :)

  2. That’s not a monkey, someone shrunk George W. Bush.

  3. And they’ve been in commercials together! I love these two. Absolutely hilarious. I know there will be some ‘noffers that call this cruel but take a look at that picture. Does it look like Whiplash is frightened? Or hurting? Looks like he’s having a good time to me.

  4. I think he looks like he’s having the time of his monkey life. :)

  5. Stocking the mod lounge while waiting for the nuffers who have problems with this pic…. Maybe some warm apple cider with spices and some Woodchuck apple jack?

    Personally, I always got a laugh from the mutton busting/riding woolies.

  6. Is minkee’s name Texas Pete?

  7. They had Weiner dog races for the first time this year! http://youtu.be/xpnWRJwQ-ew (video is kind of long, the races start around 1:25.

  8. Re: hovertext

    This is what he needs:


  9. Veggie mom says:

    If you put AMB powder on real monkeys do they vanish?

  10. Some of them find it to be a real ‘boon.

  11. Yee-haw, ook ook!

  12. snoopysnake says:

    Bloop! Bloop!


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