The Story of Our Progress

Did you know that humans, and not we Koala, first dominated Earth? To see why, we must look back to the early days of what the humans called the “21st Century.”

Back then, the Koala was slow-witted, but over generations we developed the vestigial beginnings of the second head that we take for granted today. Thus equipped with an extra brain, we became advanced problem-solvers, curing disease, ending war, and inventing the “Internet” that keeps humans under control.

So the next time you complain about brushing the teeth of your second head, remember — it’s the reason you rule the world.

Adapted from a bit of weirdness from the old days. Photo via CutestPaw.



  1. I ♥ you, NTMTOM.

  2. BEEP! beep!

  3. And furthermore, the 2nd head is tres cute, phhffttt!

  4. Is your second head giving me the stink eye?

  5. the wife queue is getting really long, isn’t it?

  6. I’m having a “Men in Black II” flashback !

  7. Reminds me of the “” commercial with the second head coming up.

  8. It’s starting to rival the lines for American Idol tryouts.

  9. Extra points for using the word, vestigial.

  10. Triple word score!!!

  11. SoccerSue says:

    ‘Cept this is cute. Those are just creepy. IMHO. 😛

  12. even that of Justin Bieber’s lines…