You’re stranded on a desert island. Or maybe—just in someone’s backyard down the street. Doesn’t matter- work with me here. You’re just layin’ there by yourself, mindin’ your own biz- when suddenly, they hit! A Swarm O’ Golden Retriever Puppehs! The only thing you can do at this point? (Say like Captain Kirk:) “What’s..your…only…option?”


Puppeh love indeed, Pet Collective!


  1. i iz ded. ded, i tel ya

  2. Gaaaah! So much roly poly florf. Want!

  3. Goldens were born with more than their share of the happy gene. They are a joy to behold!

  4. and all with that goofy smile all the time!

  5. Somebody told me once that I reminded her of a golden retriever, and she meant it as an insult. I ask you, after looking at these adorable puppers, how could she possibly have meant it as an insult instead of as the most glorious compliment in the world???

  6. An insult??? I’m with you – I’d be incredibly flattered to be compared to a golden. :)

  7. WendyLady says:

    GAH, I needs teeny mcpuppers to come and revive me from qte overload. Come on pups lets play! :D

  8. As the proud hooman companion of a Golden girl, I can attest that Goldens are angels wrapped in sunny-hued fur…

  9. Wouldn’t you know it? Only 8 seconds in and some puppy is once again forgetting that “Bite me” is JUST AN EXPRESSION!!

  10. Catwhisperer says:

    I love the one that’s asleep – ON TOP OF ICE CUBES!!!

  11. He’s just totally passed out…LURRVE IT…and the little one who gets stuck under the hose reel…at first he’s all like “I meant to do this, it’s a comfey place to lay my head” and then like 5 seconds later he’a all like “Yip YIP, get me OUTTA here!!”

  12. You know the last time puppy tried to crawl under the hose reel, he/she fit just fine.l,,,it’s hard learning that stuff doesn’t always fit.

  13. Me toos….I pledge my loyalties to “sleeps on ice cubes puppeh”.

  14. Me three! Yay ice cube puppy!

  15. My favorite part! :-)

  16. He’s had a bad attack of the zzzzzz’s!

  17. howzabout the one with 5 ice cubes stuck to his paw?

  18. “thees meelk barre ez closd. closd ai sai!”

  19. I surrender. I really need one or two of these.

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    I hope the radiance and happiness from the gorgeous puppitude is sufficient to keep those of you, and your furred, feather and finned friends, who are in the path of Hurricane Isaac, safe and well. My prayers are with you.

  21. I love the sentiment (and second it) BMC….and I love the puppehs too.

  22. Remember, when confronted by a swarm of goldie puppehs, the only thing you should do is lie down and let them swarm all over you.

  23. Resistance is futile

  24. You will be assimilated.

  25. Don’t forget the lovely, radiant MamaDog! What a beaut!

  26. I need these installed in my back yard. ASAP! (Course, I am currently owned by a sweet Golden girl, but she would welcome puppies cause she’s just that awesome.)

  27. I currently have a golden puppy, almost 15 weeks old (a fluffy, bouncy companion to my now-always-exhausted 8 year old golden….). Golden puppies are SOO much fun, and definitely overloaded in the cuteness department!

  28. The pudge! The nommable ears!!! I want to be in this land o’ puppehs!

  29. Slow-mo floppy ears! Best thing ever!

  30. Womble girl says:

    Got to agree with you. Little fuzzy ears are cute enough on their own, but when they bounce and flap up and down, that just can’t be beaten.

  31. Golden puppehs have such a baby look to their faces. Their little sleepy half-moony eyes …. some puppehs look like mini-versions of adults, but goldens just look like infants that need to be snorgled to sleep ….

  32. Erm…..*cough* WANT *cough* CUTE *cough* PUPPIES *cough, cough*

    I’m sorry, I think I have something lodged in my throat….

    *shifty eyes, then run towards cute golden retriever for a quick grab-and-snorgle*

  33. Golden Retriever puppies are THE DEFINITION of Cute Overload! Yeah, they really are!! @madame X: Perfectly put!


  35. Help! I’ve been immobilized!

  36. I was having a really bad day and this made me smile.
    Thanks CO!

  37. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Me too. Cute animals always help bad days. <3

    And the accompanying music was cute too!

  38. Little fuzzy puppy butts!!!!

  39. Golden Girl or Boy, it’s the way they run to greet you – you are all wrapped up in puppy love, and all at once you are suddenly the most fabulous person in the world.You are good looking , kind and lovely, a magnificent companion – because this lovely Dog-Angel says so. If you want a prescription for feeling low, sad, very unhappy – I prescribe a Greeting from one of these delightful dogs.

  40. OMG the tock shot at 0:47 …. too adorable. :)

  41. Brooksmom says:

    and the slow-mo tocks at 1:17 just had me ded……ahhhh for the love of puppehs!

  42. That is also my fave tockshot!

  43. 1:33 is the best

  44. I think I was able to smell puppy breath thru my screen :)

    Perfect music to go with happy puppies too.


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