Hey Hey We’re The Monkees

And people say we—never mind. And yes I know, the second photo shows baboons.

Top shot from The Benorama. Second shot’s also from Ben, third from Cutest Paw, and bottom by Happy Jack.


  1. he gots fingers for toes!

  2. Oh no, I must go refer to the Peter Gabriel Monkey Muse!

  3. So I just looked up the Wiki page for that song:

    “…the song is frequently assumed to be either an animal rights song or a reference to the famous experiments by Stanley Milgram described in his book Obedience to Authority.[3] It is neither, … [it’s] “a love song” that examines how jealousy can release one’s baser instincts; the monkey is not a literal monkey, but a metaphor for one’s feelings of jealousy.”

  4. And people say we monkey around

  5. huplescat says:

    nothing wrong with baboons, they’re monkeys too! And gorgeous to boot (in that wizened old man kind of way).

  6. ??? Baboons are monkeys.

  7. Yep, the Old World variety–usually have tails and tails are never prehensile.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    Monkey fingernails are much in focus.

    All these pics = cuteness.

    I like these monkeys and The Monkees (RIP D. Jones) too.

    The End.

  9. skippymom says:

    Yo Fird! ‘Sup?

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    Yo, backatcha skippymom !!!

    Esta muy precipitational, here’bouts, these days …..Otherwise, thangs be fairly righteous, thx. You??

  11. Random monkey fact: recently when 6.5 millions of Linkedin passwords were leaked, they did an analysis of most popular ones. ‘Monkey’ is in top ten. Who doesn’t love monkeys?!

  12. sweet monkee luv.

  13. Second Picture: doesn’t the little monkete look like the kid from The Middle ?(Acceptably funny sitcom with Patricia Keaton in a hideous wig)

  14. I was thinking of how many people want their hair to look like Mom’s stylishly kinked/crimped hair back in the days of disco.

  15. Mommy looks more like Barry Gibb, iffin you ask me.

  16. Yes! It does. :)

  17. biscuithead says:

    macaques! I <3 macaques!

    And yeah, the 2nd pic has baboons.

  18. Oh my gosh, that last picture is fantastic. Such a big world for such two little meenkies…

  19. 1st pic–Is that Spock or Legolas? Ear-hance, perhaps? :-)

  20. protomonk: just add popcorn and opposable thumb:

  21. The first monkee has a better mani/pedi than I do.

    I loff all monkees (even the ones that aren’t technically monkees, if ya know what I mean). :)


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