How Do You Serve Peegs?

We serve ’em in cups. In a cup with the right cream, mmmm nice.

Deleesh, Pacifist!


  1. bob drummond says:


  2. I am in line right behind you! I would like a venti peeg please.

  3. I’ll take the third place in line! Hopefully I’ll have enough time to decide on a flavor–it’s a hard choice.

  4. Fird Birfle says:


    I KNEW I was late to this party!!!
    Hopefully they have more “supplies” in tha kitchen!!!

    (the 3rd one wuz MY choice as well :) )

  5. Good–cos I want zee fourth peeg! Squeeeee!

  6. bob drummond says:

    These guys are so adoreable !!!

  7. Peegs in a cup!!! (Are they in soup or in tea ???) :lol:

  8. Ooooh, full fat capigcinos! So indulgent. :)

  9. Vanilla, mocha, caramel and mocha-caramel swirl capigcinos to be exact! LOL.

  10. uhhh… this has an entirely different meaning in Peru… :(

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    *worries about thees*

    *Takes the next PETA flight to Peru*

  12. Theadosia says:

    But the Peruvian system is so efficient! Eco-friendly, self-replacing, vacuum cleaners that don’t require any fossil fuels, and are edible :)

  13. Taken in the moments before three of the four peegs started bouncing off the walls due to excessive caffeine consumption. Peeg on the left kinda looks like he had decaf.

  14. Don’t eat the chocolate chips they leave behind in teh cups! :)


  16. Oh lord I knooow! That’s pretty much what i said when I scrolled down to see a congo-cup-line-o-cavies.

    THAT”S EET!!!

    CO brand “Cup-O-Cavy” TM, for when you need an emotional pick me up!

  17. :D

  18. From experience, I bet they’re leaving some little coffee beans in the cup too.
    Ours used to poop on everything!

  19. i like mine with just a squee of lemming

  20. Just the kind of pick-me-up I needed in the morning!

  21. WriterBunny says:

    You mean Pig Me Up?

  22. fleurdamour says:

    Mad Hatter switched from tea to coffee, I see.

  23. gertie pig's mom says:

    PEEEGS!!!! <3

  24. stbernardmom says:

    The Snickers-colored ones look tasty!!!

  25. Check out those angry eyebrows on the one second to right!

    Oh, and I’ll take four please.

  26. I like my women like I like my coffee: small, furry, and cute.

  27. Hahahahaha!! :D

    Kinda scared to see what a double or triple looks like though.

  28. A capybara?

  29. *SCHNORT* :lol: :lol: :lol:

  30. “Um, excuse me barista…I asked for room.”

    My daughter’s response. (Good, one hon!)

  31. I’ve heard of Pigs in a Blanket, but Pigs in a Cup???

  32. Fird Birfle says:


  33. Little baby piggies! I wonder how old they are here. I want to pet each one’s nose ’til they squeak!

  34. Womble girl says:

    Portable peegs with handy carry handles. My only problem is how to fit 4 peegs into 2 hands…. Do they have any carry trays at this shop? Cos I’d like a port-a-peeg cup carrier to fit four please.


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