Delightful Dolphin Action

Simply astonishing video of smiling dolphins zooming under the water. Good stuff kicks in at the 1:15 mark.

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo. Out Of The Blue from Mark Peters.



  1. rescue gal says:

    I only wish the video started at the 1:15 mark. Watch living creatures being caught and CLUBBED to their death is so very upsetting I couldn’t enjoy the rest. I hope anyone else uses this as a warning if they are as sensitive as I am.

  2. doomchild says:

    Was just going to say that. Except that the animal did not die, just suffered and finally choked to death. People wouldn’t call this video “amazing” if the animal in question was, say, a dog or a baby seal, instead of a fish.

  3. agreed…

  4. Likewise, people probably wouldn’t be complaining if this were a bear smashing a fish against a rock.

    Can Mark Peters join the men of Cute Overload calender? I’d let him beat me with any stick he chooses…

  5. Thanks to the warning (!) I started at the 1:15 mark and thoroughly enjoyed swimming with the dolphins.

  6. Yes, I could do without the clubbing of fish as well. Kind of negates all the “wow, and then something amazing happened…” and etc.

  7. Except it’s not a bear smashing fish against a rock because it has nothing else to eat.

  8. Gah, hit the “enter” key too soon.

    It’s human beings bludgeoning far more fish than they need to eat, for no reason other than they’re not as cute as dolphins.

  9. Death is a part of life. Our culture has cocooned itself a lot against the death of animals we use for food. Which is not to say it is always right, just it’s not always wrong, and it’s easy to criticize hunters when we ignore how our own killed food comes neatly packaged at the grocery.

  10. omg. thank goodness i started at 1:15. by the comments i thought people were saying they were showing scenes from ‘the cove’ and THEN showing the happy smiling dolphins.
    and if you love dolphins and don’t know what ‘the cove’ is- DONT LOOK. my heart has been broken for years now.
    but thank you for I do love seeing them free and happy and smiling. they are truly higher evolved magical beings.
    (just tell them don’t go to japan, k?)

  11. THANK YOU.

  12. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats says:

    We get that, Kelly. We know our food was alive at one time. No need to preach. But people come here to see CUTE, not to be sujected without warning to video footage of helpless creatures being clubbed to death.

  13. Trying so hard not to get sucked into this commentroversy. I’ll allow myself to say thank you to those for whom the suffering of fish – overlooked because they’re quiet, don’t have facial expressions, and lead their lives out of sight – matters.

    – Fish scientist.

  14. omg- I too was rather horrified, and i dont consider myself squeamish about eating animals and stuff. especially since at 1st I thought it was a penguin from the shape of its little arm fins and body.

  15. I didn’t watch this, mostly be/c it’s blocked here at work, but now that I’ve read the comments, I certainly won’t watch it. But I would like to add that most of us have the choice to be vegetarian and therefore not be responsible for killing animals, including fish.

  16. Ceejoe, I’m sincerely confused by the comments because I have viewed the video twice, by clicking on the triangle at the bottom left of the vid. A few times I got an error message, but I kept refreshing the post and trying again.
    I saw a cool video of 4 guys having a great time tuna fishing, using an underwater cam, called a Go Pro, and then a playful pod of beautiful, white-sided dolphins show up and ham it up for the cam.

  17. hmmm, maybe I’ll try it at home tonight then… thanks for the update.

  18. OK. I just watched it for the 3rd time. It starts with a credit to “Spudmonkey Films” over a globe, then it says, The Blue, then it says something like, “A film about tuna fishing”, with lots of water splashing around. I hope you get to see it.
    Maybe the wrong vid somehow was posted by mistake at first but now has been replaced with the right one?

  19. rescue gal says:

    For your information I have been vegan for over 20 years. I am VERY aware of where meat comes from and what happens to the animals I will NOT be apart of it.

  20. I’m confused. I understand if people don’t eat fish, meat, etc., that’s fine. But I see no clubbing. Just regular fishing. Am I missing something?

  21. 4leafclover says:

    Casey, I couldn’t agree more! Thanks so much for posting this comment.

  22. i just checked in and haven’t watched the video, either. i’m hiding behind you. is this one of those cases when a YouTube video link gets all hinky?

    tell me when it’s safe to come out!

  23. wish i didnt get to see the animals hooked with that huge crazy hook, and clubbed, and suffering. the dolphins were pretty, but couldn’t enjoy it after watching the killings either!

  24. oh okay, yeah 😦 the video includes a setup of the guy on his tuna fishing trip and if you aren’t familiar with the practice (i’m certainly not), there are two fish hauled on board and they’re thwacked — it’s not all bloody and close-up, but yes, it is visible from a distance. i’d rather the video just started after the obvious place to edit, but now the cat’s out of the bag and everyone has begun nuffing about eating meat and fish and vegans and all that jazz… what to do, what to do?

  25. so here’s the best way to view it: place your cursor over the video area and when you see the grey strip along the bottom you can move your cursor back and forth (don’t click on it yet, just scroll over the top) and you’ll see the numbers that correspond to the time that’s elapsed in the video. i would suggest that you find “1:45” and click on it. the video should start and you’ll see an underwater view (not the view from on the boats deck) and then the dolphins appear. it’s really pretty and the music is nice and then the music gets kinda rockin’ and there are credits.

    i know people will find ways to talk about wearing blinders and will get upset and start opining (not the same as PINING a la Pining For The Fjords), but please restrain yourselves.

  26. I agree with rescue gal. Watching living creatures being killed is no fun

  27. D’OH! Somebody mentioned The Cove video, so, I thought peeps were saying this video started with, “The Cove” video, which is infamous, as you know.

  28. And, I honestly did not see the thwacking – until now. 😦

  29. Am I the only one who watched this and bawled? Seeing these amazing animals swimming free, curious about us regardless of the myriad reasons they shouldn’t be… Orcas in Alaska have the same effect on my heart. They just move me. Thanks for sharing it.

    And in case commenters don’t know, the most humane way to catch and kill a fish is to hit it. It’s gruesome, but it spares them from death by suffocation. ❤

  30. Dawn Keyotie says:

    Yeah, the tuna whacking at the beginning was hard to watch. I am not judging it, just don’t wish to see it or be the cause of it. I had to go vegetarian because unless the apocalypse comes and I’m forced to eat what I can catch for survival.. critters are out (for me).

  31. Wish I’d started at the 1:15 point as well. Felt my stomach turning.

  32. We all know those dolphins are out back waiting to bum off some tuna….”Feed us we look cute!” Wonder if they did….

  33. Did any of you catch the cloud of poop at one point?

  34. perhaps there’d be less complaint if the fish were slapped instead?

  35. At 53-58 seconds is the offending section, I believe. It isn’t conspicuous. I had to watch 3 more times to catch it. Honestly, I was so focused on the ocean in front of the boat–expecting the dolphins–that I was totally confused by the comments here. Since I didn’t see what others saw, I was left with an amazing, magical feeling at being able to experience this! I would encourage anyone to start at the 1:15 mark and ENJOY. Don’t let those 5 seconds ruin the beauty of the rest of the video. [puts on raincoat against the onslaught of rotten vegetation]

  36. I felt the same as you…glad someone else saw the magic. 🙂

  37. victoreia says:

    That’s the best solution, I do believe….

  38. victoreia says:

    And it’s a bloody improvement over how lobsters die for our tables!

    Also, I totally love love love dolphins!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!1!!!

  39. As an ichthyologist, Casey, what’s most humane? My dad taught me clubbing is more humane than letting fish ‘drown’ out of water [and as per others below], or slowly freeze to death on ice, so please correct us if we’re wrong.

  40. Thank you!

  41. Extraordinary disconnect IMO.

    Look at the awesome dolphin water creatures! Oh hey and bash those tunas!

    I don’t care what anyone says, it ain’t pretty and I wish we had warning. C’mon Meg.

  42. Thank you Rescuegal. I am so grateful that your comment was the first thing I saw. The last thing I needed today would have been the first bit – so I didn’t watch … thanks!! : )

  43. Here is another reason to reject this post (sorry Meggers)

    As soon as these dolphins appeared on camera, my first though was CGI. I have a friend who is a digital arts and anime guy look at it and he said that it is without a doubt computer generated. It i actually wicked obvious. If it IS real, than that is one of the most high tech camera’s I have ever seen but even if it is real, the video was most def enhanced. Check out this link. There is A LOT of evidence that this has been faked. Still beautiful, but ver clearly CGI of some sort-

  44. so you didn’t like it?

  45. IKR! 5 million ankle tattoos can’t be wrong!

  46. not only were they hitting the fish, they were driving hooks in to their bellies to pick them up out of the water. hook in the mouth, then a huge one in the belly. to compare human overfishing to a bear surviving in the wild is a bit much.

  47. leaving them in their home is more humane.