A Piece of My Mind

… and this collar chafes, either that or my skin’s too loose, and my name’s misspelled on my kibble bowl, and the situation regarding 7 AM walkies is entirely unacceptable, and another thing… Wait, I forgot the other thing…

And what’s more, this FaveFrame™ is completely unflattering!



  1. Maybe Bentley needs a snorgle or two. Or maybe just rocked to sleep.

  2. Poor whiny puppeh. Someone fix all his problems!

  3. How does someone not scoop him up and snorgle him? I couldn’t keep my mitts off if I was in the same room with him.

  4. I’d scoop him up so fast I’d probably give us both whiplash. 🙂

  5. i love how he whines and pouts when his temper tantrum doesn’t work.

  6. angatwork says:

    Pick him up! Pick him up!

  7. Someone get on that floor and play with him! He needs attention, STAT!

  8. Alternating bebeh growls and whines is just too moische!

  9. Chubtastic!

  10. Puppy’s name should be Bandit, because he looks and sounds just like Bandit from Johnny Quest!

  11. Tiffany G says:

    It’s obvious why is upset. She has two hands and she’s not using either one of them to pet Bentley.

  12. Attention ME!!!!

  13. WANT

  14. Near the end he’s all “Fine! I don’t wanna play with your stupid face anyway!”

    Then he takes to what looks like a discarded Windex bottle. (bad form, owner.)

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    I love listening to puppies growl before their voices change!

  16. Veggie Mom says:

    Put me up on the dang bed!

  17. Polka dot earsies, people!!!

    And they match his nose!

  18. Lol, when you’re little all your problems and frustrations seem like big deals.

  19. “I demand you play with me! I want to wrestle!”
    “I’m so sad you aren’t playing with me…”

    That’s a lot like my dog, but with mine there is normally a ball or a stolen shoe involved.
    “I demand we play tug of war with the leather sandle bought on vacation that can’t be replaced!” “Why can’t I chew the shoe? It was on the floor….you weren’t using it….”

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    Isn’t that the Sequence as listed in the Manual???

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    What do y’all think? Should we request a Blorp Tag?
    Or is Bentley (GREAT name choice, BTW) still in the Realm of Realistic Roundness???

  22. *Checks manual* Yep, that there’s the correct sequence. Hmm…. must be Human error…. I’ll just shcoop up this pup-morsel until and “appropriate” response can be expressed.
    *shifty eyes: carries puppeh out the door*

  23. prinsasbeans says:

    I can’t even stand the cute: stubbular leggems, frecklage on the noseage, profound wrinkleage. (and very jealous puggleges . . . . whining in the background. p.s., I’m not shopping . . . or bringing !another! invader into the house! (for cryin’ out loud, stop barking and whining now, puggleges!)

  24. Nah, he’s not blorp, he just has standard issue “puppeh belly.” 🙂 I must pick him up and snorgle!

  25. prinsasbeans says:

    do not squash the communication skills of the almighty bentley!

  26. prinsasbeans says:

    I call my [puggies] “my eternal two-year-olds”. Nothing is going to change/get better from here . . . this is the top of their maturation. And I still love’em 🙂

  27. prinsasbeans says:

    And I would schnorggle this bulldog pup every given sunday, and all the days between 🙂

  28. More of a Rolls than a Bentley.

  29. Oh my gosh, just spent that time going “aww,” giggle, “aww,” giggle, and checking out my cat’s reaction here and there. (Cat was curious, but not enough to get up from his nap spot.)

  30. *schnort* 😆

  31. prinsasbeans says:

    Tiffany — you hit on the proverbial (freckled) nose!

  32. victoreia says:

    Something tells me Bentley doesn’t like the camera…..

  33. Oh my goodness! His little wrinkly backside! It’s like his skin is three sizes too big! Don’t worry, little dude, you’ll grow into it.

  34. Jasmin Wilson says:

    Puppeh Breath..and Puppeh Bellie..too moshe for me…Bleen!