What The Fluff?

Ermahgerd! The dandelions are outta control!

Beware of clucking dandelions, Sidssavvy


  1. Is this a (fluffy-to-the-max) chickons?

  2. 260Oakley says:

    That info is disclosed on a weed-to-know basis only.

  3. victoreia says:


  4. It is! It is a silkie chicken!

  5. There’s a park near my work that has an enclosure with all kinds of animals, and today I saw that there are 2 baby silkies in there! So cute and fuzzular!

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    THIS GUY (gal?) needs to have a cartoon show.

    And eyeballs. Those would prolly be helpful, for his/ her daily walkies ….

  7. I think he’d be a great supporting character for the next big Pixar flick. He can be the plucky comic relief.

  8. victoreia says:

    Just so long as he doesn’t wear a red shirt.

  9. Totally.

  10. Fluff? Where, where??

  11. Ermagerd, my erllergies! Er-CHOO!

  12. Almost choked on my pizza when I read your comment, Saffron! :-)

  13. Erps…serry

  14. All this year’s fashionable chicks are wearing feather hoodies

  15. Fird Birfle says:


  16. but… but… how do you make a wish on his ‘fro?

  17. 260Oakley says:

    You may gently blow on the chicken’s fluff, but don’t pullet!

  18. You mean don’t poulet?

  19. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    A Poulet is a pullet, a smaller poulet could also be called a poussin, very tender. (Pullet in English is young chicken, suitable for quick frying, or sauteing. Poulet is just French for chicken, not age-specific. Ain’t I a big nerd?)

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    All I know is that I LUVS langwidges and wirds !!!

  21. Silkie chickens are the best :D How does the little critter see where he’s going though???

  22. I’ve read silkie chickens have nice dispositions. The females are very maternal and will sit on other hen’s eggs to care for them at times. This one is very cute!

  23. I once had a rescue pigeon fall in love with one of my silky hens. He built a nest around her when she was broody one time, out of twigs, and would snuggle in the nest box with her and snuggle her and sing to her, all sorts of soft gentling cooing for hours. When the eggs hatched he would try and get the chicks to fly up into the tree with him as he would worry the whole time they were on the ground. The hen treated him like a loving but mentally disturbed family member but he was so in love with her.

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    zees eez muy excellente.

  25. Blue Footed Booby says:

    They’ll also sit on a baseball cap full of golf balls.

  26. I was just trying to point out something interesting about them….next time I’ll shut up. :(

  27. lisaLassie says:

    Please don’t frown or stop telling us interesting things about animals. Thank you for the info.

  28. i don’t think blue footed boobie was trying to be mean… a friend of mine regularly puts gold balls in her hens nests so they will slow down production. she puts them in her goose’s nest b/c if goosey doesn’t have eggs to focus on she gets crabby and chases the family around.

  29. AWW, Cathy (BIG CYBER HUG) :( I did not know that silkie hens were such good moms :D Thank you for the information :D (BIG CYBER HUG)

  30. Cathy needs a huglet. *hugs*

  31. mauderules says:

    I thought it was very interesting and I plan to regale my chicken-besotted sister with it tonight. So there are at least two of us out here who are grateful for your information.

  32. I am number three who is interested! That is cool and it makes me think of other qte posts on CO about species helping other moms or going interspecies and helping.

    Animals are awesome and these silkies are good Moms!
    I’ll bet Eddie Haskell would say “That is a lovely new hairdo you have today, Mrs. Cleaver” :)

  33. Thank you for your kind words! I love animals too and that’s why I love this site. It puts a smile on my face. I love this chicken’s hairdo too! :)

  34. I just saw one of these guys at the Indiana State Fair

  35. 4leafclover says:

    “Excuse me, sir. Oh! Ma’am, of course, ma’am. Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the meadow? The one full of clover? What’s that you say? I’m standing in it? I’m standing in it, you say? Well I’ll be darned…”

  36. That’s an Extraordinary Chicken!!! (Has anyone seen that calendar/coffee table book? It’s full of awesome.)

  37. I loooove eet!! Sooo floooofy!!

  38. I have said it repeatedly, but once more for the record….”I Loff Cheekens”

  39. Me too chickons really are quite wonderful. And If one hen in your flock goes broody and sits on the eggs allt he other hens will go lay in that box for a couple days to be sure their eggs get hatched too. It is pretty cool. I Love my hens.

  40. MinglesMommy says:

    I had to double check this post – thank goodness so many posters knew what this critter was – because my co-workers swore it was a dog. HA!

  41. Stephanie says:

    We had silkies when I was younger. My mom had a special favorite one (white like the one pictured) that she took everywhere. He even would sit on the passenger side head rest while my mom was driving around. He got baths and LOVED the blowdryer (even when he wasn’t wet!) He was the biggest pet and even though they can’t see too well he would show all the other roosters a thing or two! Silkies have an extra toe and that seemed to give him an advantage!

  42. *blinks*
    Tribble with a beak? :lol:

  43. Fird Birfle says:

    — yeeeeeeeeess. That makes sense.

  44. ::rubs chicken’s head, MP restored::

  45. o my gosh silky chickens are so cute. I have 4 chickens myself!!!


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