Stop Starching My Leg Warmers, Mom!

Because Primrose the premie donkey was born with weak front legs, she gets to wear the ultimate pair of toe shoes until she can stand on her own four feet.

Thoroughly unimpressed FaveFrame™!



  1. Aw, Primrose, why the long face?

  2. She has a very stylish blunt-cut bangs hairdo going on. Trendy.

  3. Something to bray about

  4. Someone give me a pen, I need to sign her casts.

  5. Zolabunny says:

    this is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen on this website and I have been looking at it every day for about 6 years – UNBELIEVBABLE!!!!

  6. I like how she doesn’t even seem to notice she’s not like the others.

  7. I love the accent: “to support her bawdy white!”

  8. I’d go very cute. They certainly haven’t slowed her down and she apparently has a team of specialists to take care of her. Right down to the details in stylish cast colors.

  9. poor poor sweetie! I laughed AND I cried.

  10. Totally cute… and sad. But mostly cute since this is temporary!

  11. OMG if those bright pink casts were saggy, I could see her breaking out Flashdance- style.

  12. What a trouper! She even tried to rear up, the little sweetheart. Hope her bones develop properly soon so she can kick up her heels, literally and figuratively.

  13. fleurdamour says:

    Once again CO puts the donk in redonkulous!

  14. So happy to know she has peeps who care enough to fix her boo boo leggies. That just warms my heart. ♥♥♥

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    poah widdle pwimwose. owsche!!!

  16. Awwww! What a little sweetheart!