Super Kitty is on the Move!

With Super Kitty on our side, evil dust particles floating around in the air won’t stand a chance!

Super Kitty air patrol is go, einalem58



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    ‘ee wooks wike a Fuzzy Toitle.

    Lovin’ all the fooziness and all the combined/ marbled greens (eyes) and greys throughout (including behind hims/ her)

  2. Needs cape flapping in the wind.

  3. I need this Super Kitty at my work. I nearly choked to death on an Evil Dust Particle earlier today! True story!!!

  4. I think some of those evil dust particles are attacking Super Kitty’s eye.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I believe this is the youngest member of the Flying Yowlendas.

  6. NO CAPES!

  7. Seeing that kitty about to fly through the air reminds me of this amazing video explaining (and showing) why cats always land on their feet. (Equally amazing: that that cat didn’t rake that guys arms.)

  8. And if not the youngest, she’s undoubtedly the floofiest.

  9. Cute overload, you really should change the cat-ption to ‘Super kitty is on the meowv!!!!!!

    Sorry ;o/

  10. Do I spy a carrot tail in the background there?

  11. Edna Mode wouldn’t let kitty wear capes! 😀

  12. No! I need Super Kitteh at MY work! Had to move ceiling tiles today and was showered with a million and three Evil Dust Particles! *resolutely steps in front of Ids7yrs and uses grabby hands*

  13. Testing, 1..2..3 Evil.

  14. If it wasn’t “evil” I have no idea why I’m in the mod lounge! *rummages in cupboards for relaxing hot cocoa and macaroons*

  15. looks like little kitty living by side of road where I live…been feeding it(it’s ferral) for 3 weeks now; finally trapped it in a haveahart trap. it’s ferral no more

  16. AWW 😀 I hope you can adopt the little kitty you were feeding, Nancy 😀

  17. I so want to take that sweet little kitty from the person holding him/her and cuddle him/her 😀

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    it prolly was *that wird* 🙂 How are the macaroons, 6 ?

  19. ilikechocolatemilk says:

    looks like it’s hover-kitty training day.

  20. Must rewatch the movie–Edna kills me.

  21. Needs Photoshop 😉

  22. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    Superkitty, Superkitty, does whatever a Superkitty does!

  23. kittykat416 says:

    *wipes eye-crusty from kitteh’s eye*

  24. Must not think of the past, it distracts from the NOW!

  25. Never mind, Underdog, SuperKittayn is here!

  26. Absolutely delish! I LOVE coconut! 🙂

  27. no doubt about it, it was too cute I just had to keep it…but sad too cause 3 days later I had to say goodbye to my 22 year old tuxedo kitty. I miss him so much.