Magical Puppeh Forest™

Follow us to ‘Tocks Lake!

This pic thanks to Park Guide Popee.



  1. Pack ma bags! I’m moving to the puppeh-filled forest!

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The Best Adventure

    Seriously, lab/golden puppies are just the sweetest little potato babies.

  3. Can I go please? It looks so magical!

  4. Wait for meeee!!!1

  5. Tocktober, here we come!

  6. loribelle57 says:

    potatoes with little carrot tails!

  7. My thoughts exactly–only six more weeks!

  8. I want to go to there!!!

  9. This is what my heaven will look like. These puppehs will greet me and escort me into a puppy-filled flower-bower forest-heaven. Ahhhh.

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    starting to sound like canine stew, up in heeyah….

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    it DOES look like a Majical Forest, with nymphs and fairies and perhaps
    a hobbit or two (BTW, I think I might have heard, that that film might be sched to drop, Octoberish??)…

  12. Tails that are too short to bend! Which rule of cuteness was that? I know it was in there somewhere…

  13. Packing toothbrush…must find puppeh filled forest on GPS! Where oh where are the puppehs?

  14. GPS – Goggie Posterior Seeker

  15. *follows willingly and scoops up all the puppehs on the way so NO ONE ELSE can follow us!*
    ….whaddya mean you don’t see no puppehs?! I don’t know what forest youse all talkin’ about!

  16. Surely the way to Rainbow Bridge..?

  17. tee hee

  18. shares, Emmylees, shares the preciouses….

  19. have to make it through Schleptember, first.

  20. Following a trail of ‘tocks must be the prize of getting lost here.

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    *looks about for tracylee, who SURELY will show up hyah [due to the presence of youngster canine quadrupeds]*

    Um, Emmylee — Are you and Tracylee second-name cousins or sump’n?? It would seem that your second names, ought to make you related SOME kind of way …..or fraternal / sister-al (not sure what the female equiv. of fraternal, is) “twins” ????

  22. I had heard December 14th.

  23. Loch Tocks?