Magical Puppeh Forest™

Follow us to ‘Tocks Lake!

This pic thanks to Park Guide Popee.


  1. Pack ma bags! I’m moving to the puppeh-filled forest!

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The Best Adventure

    Seriously, lab/golden puppies are just the sweetest little potato babies.

  3. loribelle57 says:

    potatoes with little carrot tails!

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    starting to sound like canine stew, up in heeyah….

  5. Can I go please? It looks so magical!

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    it DOES look like a Majical Forest, with nymphs and fairies and perhaps
    a hobbit or two (BTW, I think I might have heard, that that film might be sched to drop, Octoberish??)…

  7. I had heard December 14th.

  8. Wait for meeee!!!1

  9. Tocktober, here we come!

  10. My thoughts exactly–only six more weeks!

  11. have to make it through Schleptember, first.

  12. I want to go to there!!!

  13. This is what my heaven will look like. These puppehs will greet me and escort me into a puppy-filled flower-bower forest-heaven. Ahhhh.

  14. Tails that are too short to bend! Which rule of cuteness was that? I know it was in there somewhere…

  15. Packing toothbrush…must find puppeh filled forest on GPS! Where oh where are the puppehs?

  16. GPS – Goggie Posterior Seeker

  17. tee hee

  18. *follows willingly and scoops up all the puppehs on the way so NO ONE ELSE can follow us!*
    ….whaddya mean you don’t see no puppehs?! I don’t know what forest youse all talkin’ about!

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    *looks about for tracylee, who SURELY will show up hyah [due to the presence of youngster canine quadrupeds]*

    Um, Emmylee — Are you and Tracylee second-name cousins or sump’n?? It would seem that your second names, ought to make you related SOME kind of way …..or fraternal / sister-al (not sure what the female equiv. of fraternal, is) “twins” ????

  20. shares, Emmylees, shares the preciouses….

  21. Surely the way to Rainbow Bridge..?

  22. Following a trail of ‘tocks must be the prize of getting lost here.

  23. Loch Tocks?


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