Made in the Shade

Growing Tips for Hortipups Shedsfursii:

Grows best when planted on furniture, prefers partial shade, average room temperature,  water frequently, constant attention required, blooms year round.

Take a bough, Barkley. Rachel S. says Barkley is a Pekechis; a hybrid of Pekingese and Chihuahua!



  1. I see you will be able to harvest the toe beans soon.

  2. Half Pekingese, half chihuahua… 100% adorbs!! The Princess Di eyes are especially enchanting.

  3. And give it lots of fertilizer too, so it grows up big and strong!

  4. I think this one makes its own fertilizer, Iv…

  5. awwww I have a pekingnese AND a chihuahua! They’d love to meet this cutie!

  6. Looks like the ears are ripe enough for nomming!

  7. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    Doncha just lurve the eyeliner? Thees ees one coy-ute bebeh!

  8. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    Haw to tracylee!

  9. Is “Blegen” the past perfect subjunctive of “to bleen”? For example,

    “She should have blegen over the toe beans before falling ded at the nommable foldover hears.”

  10. leaves of cat grass says:

    i spy the brother/sister of ‘the shy dater’…

  11. I thought it was a puggle when I first saw it. First time seeing a Pekechis.

  12. Serious Princess Di eyes.

  13. It’d roll in the fertilizer.