It Always Begins So Innocently

There you are, minding your own big-sweet-brown-eyed business, and next, you’re the victim of a plot so diabolical in design, even the Artful Dodger would deem it too cruel!

Cute kibble nibblers, Petsami!



  1. OMG – that was so cute! (and clever little guy).

  2. WB cartoons is calling about a copywright lawsuit.

  3. ahhhahahahaah

  4. Poor boy – his mom is clearly favoring his little brother. Come to my place you sweet thing – you’d never have to share your food.

  5. What a sweet, smoochable kisser!

  6. ROFL… Underthe table snack sneaker!

  7. reminds me of what my mom used to say when a bug landed on my food “meh, they’re small, they won’t eat much”

  8. Haha! I had to watch it again; didn’t even notice the little guy the first time.

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  10. PeaceSign says:

    Sooooo cute!!!! Gotta love the little one, and yet, you gotta feel bad for his older brother!

  11. Oh my goodness gracious. Poor big guy is going, “Hmm. I must have been hungrier than I thought.”