Come On! We’re All Thinking It.

Is that tree birthing a squirrel?

When’s the baby shower, Eyrich?


  1. #1–Incredibly cute! Zee BIG eyes, zee tiny nosicle *SMOOCH* on zee liddle haid!
    #2–Um…CP? Perhaps, maybe, the title should be “Is that tree giving BIRTH to a squirrel?” or “Is that tree BIRTHING a squirrel?” You must have been overcome by teh QTE! :-)

  2. I concur 6rabbits.
    Oh and one more thing…squeeeeeeeee! :)

  3. All I can say is “Eeeeeeeeee!”

  4. Ah, our Japanese cousins:
    ‘But I don’t know nuthin’ bout birthing sqwerlios.’ [from ‘Gone with the East’].
    [Surprised this isn’t in manga . . . yet].

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I believe this baby is being delivered by tree-section.

  6. Yeay Oakley!!! (that’s all I can say ’bout that)

  7. Awesome, Oakley! :lol:

  8. HAW!

  9. Oh–and may I add that your punning ability is TREEmendous!

  10. Don’t you mean PRUNING ability? nyahaha

  11. This has Japanese Qte Factory written all over it.

  12. Haa! You got it!
    Kind of surprised you did.
    Not many recognise those little pocket monsters.

  13. From the Giant Anime Eyes, I think that might be a momonga!

  14. The plink…the ever-lovin’ plink!!!

  15. Kari Callin says:

    Peekaboo, Pikachu! :D

  16. It’s almost like giant eyes within a giant eye.

  17. It’s a boy!! Bahahahaha

  18. zosterops says:

    this looks like a squirrel from outerspace …

  19. Ah, the forbidden love between squirrelio & tree, bearing furry fruit.

  20. I refuse to believe that those are real. They are just some anime critters made to look like photographs. Not real. No way. Only way to convince me is to send me out to Japan and see for myself…

  21. I just died from the cuteness!

  22. “giving birthing” o_O

  23. You try and squeeze a squirrel out of yur knot hole!


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