America’s Next Top Model!

Meet Nux, the glamorous Shiba Inu. I would buy most anything Nux was selling.

I wanna see Nux work the catwalk, Genina.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    A lovely dog. A Shiba Inu is an excellent candidate for top canine model! Such a sleek body, glossy fur, and expressive eyes.

  2. BOOP for the first pic!

  3. Work it baby , work it !!! Show me the cute !!

  4. Smyes, Nux, smyes!

  5. Also – eyebrow dots!

  6. What a sweet face!

  7. Such a big boopable nose.

  8. The gumdrop nose isn’t a bad asset either.

  9. 4leafclover says:

    And not a drop of make-up! She just rolls out of bed looking fabulous…

  10. One of my puplets is a shiba inu mix and I’ve always thought he had the most beautiful face. I guess it’s a shiba inu thang. 🙂

  11. BOOOOP.
    And the lovely whiskers especially in the first pic! LOVE.

  12. Queen of Dork says:

    “What a large nose you have.”

    “The better to smell you with!”

  13. I want to smooch her between the eyes…. so cute! 😀

  14. Nux wouldn’t have to sell me anything. I would just give him all my money.

  15. A truffle nose, methinks.

  16. In case anyone is wondering . . . . the D-team pups of the famous SF Shiba puppy cam have all gone on to their furever homes. In addition to the Ustream live feed and the Yuku message board, SF Shiba (the lovely humans–and very responsible breeder– who are owned by 5 adult shibas) is on Facebook, as are 3 of the pups from the most recent litter. 🙂

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    that would rather simplify all the processes and marketing, wouldn’t it 🙂

  18. knittingbull says:

    Is “Nux” from the Lindsey Davis books?

  19. As Madonna sang, ‘C’mon, Dogue! Let your body mooove to the music!’
    But Nux, as in ‘vomica’?!

  20. The dog was probably named someone who reads Lindsay Davis’s Falco novels!

    Marcus Didius Falco, a Roman informer (aka detective) is owned by a dog named Nux. Althought I think this Nux is probably posher than the somewhat mangy but streetwise Roman Nux.

  21. Thanks! I’ve read some set in Britannia, so I’ve yet to meet Nux :-), which according to google means ‘nut’.

  22. America’s Next Top Shnozzle