Employee Orientayshe, Day One

Hi, ah am heres to fill out the paperwoiks. Could you tell me where the HR ees?

TimeTravelTrousers10 (huh?) gets the credito for thees.



  1. *takes kitteh and runs!*

  2. Free kitty for all incoming employees. Best policy ever. Squeeee

  3. Tall Girl says:

    CO friends! I need a little help! I’ve never had a cat, but 3 weeks ago I took in a stray tom cat who had been shot by kids in my apt complex with a bb gun. so sad. He was the sweetest, cuddliest cat EVER…. always seemed desperate for pets and snuggles. I had him neutered, shots, tested, and the bb removed…. The whole nine yards. Now, while hes still sweet, he doesn’t want pets and snuggles NEAR as much. He has toys, food, scratching posts…a pretty good setup. I’m hoping his “love tank” is just on full now, whereas before he was neglected. Any advice on if this is normal? I want him to be happy! Maybe he also isn’t crazy about my light scolding to teach him what not to scratch… (pure water in. spray bottle. Just not sure!

  4. If only my managers looked like that …
    Productivity would be at a all time low!

  5. I wanna work there!

  6. Yep, he’s just on Full 🙂

  7. I agree w/ M Lange he’s full o’ luv. Usually after all of the festivies you described (neutering, etc.) there’s a period of recovery, adjustment to a new (consistent) loving environment and his/her new hoomin. You’re each getting to know one another better, enjoy the discoveries. Thank you for providing this purrbaby a furrever home. 🙂

  8. Oooh! Me! Me! I’m in HR! Come see MEEEEEEE!

  9. I would SO hire this kitteh! 🙂

  10. Awww! What a lucky fella to get you as his mama! I agree with MLange & Joods, my kittehs are all rescues & went through similar phases. It was like they couldn’t quite believe they were home at last, now they greet me when I come home & one meows as I come up the stairs to my door.

  11. It’s only been a few weeks, give him time. Just sit near him, spend time around him so that he becomes more comfortable.

    He may not ever be a lap sitter but he’ll probably be more at ease. Just being in the same room or near you is a sign of acceptence with cats. That they can share space and territory with someone they trust.

  12. fleurdamour says:

    I would too! I don’t even need to see his resumeow.

  13. victoreia says:

    Hey!! Bring the kitteh back!!!

  14. Calls the meeting to order.

  15. Tuna, tuna, it all began, tuna
    I saw you and the world went away
    Tuna, tuna,
    there’s only you tuna,
    what you are, what you do, what you say.
    all day i had the feeling a miracle would happen
    i know now i was right
    for here you are and what was just a world is a star, tuna!

    Tony and Maria:
    Tuna, tuna,
    the world is full of light,
    with suns and moons all over the place.
    Tuna, tuna, ,the world is wild and bright,
    going mad shooting sparks into space.
    the world was just an address,
    a place for me to live in,
    no better than all right,
    but here you are,
    and what was just a world is a star

    Tony and Maria:

    …Goodnight, goodnight
    sleep well and when you dream,
    dream of me

  16. Give the little kitten time to adjust. Let him/her approach you. Be ready with tuna juice(from spring eater packed tuna) and katnip. Pet the kitten as if you were the Momma cat licking her kitten.

  17. Spring water, of course.

  18. don’t let the looks fool you. his c.v. is just over 8 pages long…

  19. Yeah, sounds like the little sweetie has just had a lot to take in. Good news seems to be that he trusts you. Just give him time to recuperate from all the stressors. As to whether it’s normal, well, cats are very much individuals–I once read somewhere that cats are as diverse in personality as human beings. He’s had a lot to adjust to– he’s probably just finding “his” normal.

  20. I agree. It sounds like you are now enjoying a “normal” cat. He’s settled right in and getting on with his cattitude.

  21. I’m available at the moment – Will work for smooches.

  22. Fird Birfle says:

    eez a Puzzlemente.

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    Oh Miss Kittaye!! Don’t worry about your Name Badge.
    I’ll hold it for you and walk along with you. I’ll hold it up for you if anyone asks who you are.

    *In Lurve wif tha New Employee*

  24. I agree with all the replies. After my kittehs were fixed they got a little calmer. Plus this is indeed a lot for the kitteh to deal with. Cats like a routine and once he gets into one he will be feeling better. Strays in particular take a bit longer to settle in because of all the chaos they had before. 😦 I have one who hid under a chair and only came out at night, for a little over a week. Every time I put my hand under the chair to pet her she hissed cause she was scared. Then I realized the hand should have a piece of turkey attached to it and gradually she began to trust me and not back away when I came towards her, even without turkey attached. 🙂
    It will just take your guy a bit of time. The fact that you are awesome and took him in and give him love is all he needs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The light scolding and water bottle is just fine. I trained mine with voice tone and water bottle…and then eventually they no longer need the water bottle and will pay attention (most of the time..not all 🙂 ) with just voice tone. You are absolutely training him the best way.

    Bless you for taking him into your home. *hugs*

  25. Is kittayn looking for the cover to his TPS report?

  26. Perhaps the OP is a fellow Pratchettite: recurring themes of possible futures and changing timelines are described by our beloved Lord Terry as going down a different leg of the ‘Trousers of Time’.

  27. phred's mom says:

    It’s only three weeks. He has not only had to adjust to a home, for
    starters, but then this nice hooman tinkered with his bod, which didn’t feel
    good. He needs reassurance that you will be his mom, and be kind again.
    Give him his space, with respect, and when he does let you touch him,
    stroke him as if you were his mama. After I had to medicate Ben-Him,
    it took a while for him to trust that I was still ok. i nuzzled him and made
    purry noises like a mama cat. I looked pretty sappy, but it worked great.
    Good for you to take him in. He will reward you unbelievably.

  28. kibblenibble says:

    Tall Girl: There is a cat scratching device you can buy at most pet supply stores that Stopped my cats from clawing my “nice things.” It is shaped like an S turned on its side, and covered in carpet and sisal. It has a feather toy dangling underneath. My cats never took to the more upright pillar-shaped scratching posts, but they love the sideways S. You might want to try it!

  29. Might also be a fan of Professor Elemental, who when asking Jeffrey for his Fighting Trousers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iRTB-FTMdk, sighs @ Jeffrey’s incompetence & says; “No, not those, those are my Time Travelling Trousers!”


  30. As all the others have said, sounds like you are doing just the right things. I have a couple that took me months before I could touch them, and now they love to be petted and loved on. May never be the pick up and hold snugglers, but there are all kinds of ways to show love. And I firmly believe that resqtes KNOW and are grateful. Bless you!

  31. *taps ash on shoulder and grabs kitty and runs*

  32. Your dear sweet kitty will get used to you, Tall Girl 😀 It will take time like everyone says here 😀 He needs time to adjust to a new home and realize that he is in a loving forever home 😀

  33. I will carry you and your name badge, Miss Kitty 😀

  34. doomchild says:

    Bugger, you just beat me to saying this. I’m pretty sure this is a reference to Professor Elemental (may his tea always be hot) and his time travelling trousers.

  35. I agree with all the others. You gained a lot of karma from taking in the lil’ dude and giving him a new lease on life. I’m sure he’ll repay you in kind.

    I picked up a stray dog off the road and it was only after I had it taken to the vet to get checked out that I discovered (through the vet’s x-ray) that it had been shot in the backside. Its butt had several pieces of buckshot in it. It was an old wound and the vet said not to remove them since they’d been there awhile and weren’t causing problems, but I was horrified. I don’t understand why someone would mistreat an animal like that.

  36. Robin Kiesel says:

    I also agree with the others. My daughter is ALWAYS adopting stray kitties, and we found that kitties who have not had a home for a while, don’t remember how to play (or never learned) and often have trust issues. You have done a wonderful thing for this little guy and he will gradually become more comfortable with his new life and he will love you forever.

  37. Shouldn’t this new employee report to KR (Kitteh Resources)?

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    *running with oversized grabby hands, tackles Teresa hugely, confiscates kitty. runs like the wind with a breeze and a whooshing sound*

  39. If this lil’l thing worked for me, i’d have to sneak them into the supply closet several times a day for inappropriate snorgling.

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    nicely done Teresa & Q 🙂

  41. *taps Queen of Dork on shoulder, grabs kitty and runs*

  42. Thank you, Fird Birfle 😀

  43. Queen of Dork says:


  44. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a cat with this coloring would have to be female. Is that true?

  45. Yep 😀 Calico kitties are usually girls, but there is a very small percentage that can be boys 😀 Those boy kitties cannot father any kittens but will try to 😀 I think I read somewhere that Japanese fishermen love to have a male calico cat onboard their fishing boats because they will bring good luck in getting lots and lots of fish 😀