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Every year, guided by an ages-old instinct, they return here to the harsh wastes of Antarctica. Nobody knows why. Now, for the first time, Penguin Pictures explores the mystery of their epic journey in March of the Documentarians. For months, one intrepid film crew lived among these exotic creatures, gaining their trust, learning their ways — and finding the answers.

Photo by David C. Schultz. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.



  1. Spying on the neighbors can give you the chills.

  2. Bwahhh haaa haaa! Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this, or you’d owe me a keyboard, NTMTOM!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    I think that’s Steven Sealberg directing.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh.

    You’re twisted, Mike.

    But in a *good* way.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Then again, this could be the Ice-Bergman film, like “The Seventh Seal.”

  6. phred's mom says:

    He has the nose of a narwhal

  7. The best part was reading the intro before seeing the pic, and then scrolling down and busting out laughing! Thanks NTMTOM! 😆

  8. HAW.

  9. No, no this will be like “The Iceman Cometh”

  10. * clap clap *

  11. I am imagining the one looking at/into the camera bag.
    “Dash it all, Gene, where did you put the extra batteries?”

  12. 1. BLEAUGH!!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK! Sorry, it’s my natural response to any “March of the Penguins reference. Sorry, but that film was a desecration of a murder of a molestation of a sacrilege of a degenerate bachanallia of disgusting cruelity and violations. Morgan Freeman’s name being attached to it made me lose a little respect for him.

    La Marche de L’Emperor on the other hand was a brilliant beautiful masterpiece of lovely cuteness and wonderfullity.

    2. I imagine this is the Penguin James Macaroon. (Anyone see the French and Saunders Titanic spoof?)

  13. whoops…I got mod-lounged for saying something about a movie I did not care for.

    Mint cupcakes, please?

  14. Photo by David Schultz:

  15. bookmonstercats says:

    Round of applause.

  16. doomchild says:

    At least the first sentence was definitely Daved Attenborough, not Morgan Freeman.

    Anyone else has a tiny Attenborough in their head, reading CO out loud to them?

  17. skippymom says:

    Hey guys, we had an animal show here yesterday and during it the hedgehog pooped. The presenter told us that hedgehog poop is some of the grossest in the world, and the worst poop in the world is penguin. Just thought you all would like to know this.

  18. Lol! Who is this person that has experience with so many varieties of poop?!

    And my second thought: I’m jealous that you get to have animals at your workplace, even once in a while. All I have here is a stupid boss who keeps trying to dump more of his work on me… [sorry, in a bad mind set right now..]

  19. skippymom says:

    He’s a guy who has a business that does animal programs at libraries and other places. He has 33 animals who all live in his house, all rescued from bad situations. Yesterday he brought a tree frog, corn snake, python, tortoise, hedgehog and rabbit. He teaches the kids about them and lets them pet most of them.
    I don’t think he has any penguins, though, so not sure how he knows about their poop.
    I’m sorry you’re having a crummy day. Hope things get better soon.

  20. Wow, what an awesome way to make a living. Why am I so boring? 🙂

    Ah, it’ll get better, as soon as 4:30 gets here. I usually like my job alot, but he just irritates me so much, be/c he’s a huge wuss, and the bureaucracy here just allows it to go on…

  21. lisaLassie says:

    Hmmm, does he have a wife? Because I am available. Thank you.