Maybe I Should Give Up The Krispy Kremes…

Here’s a little bebeh Panda Man getting weighed for the foist time. The Google Chrome “translate” feature gives us the backstory- sorta. “The young panda at the zoo was weighed on Tuesday for the first time. The impression that is created on the shooting from the birthing den, has confirmed it. The Pandabub is a handsome guy.”

That settles that! If you speak German, this link’s for you!



  1. I agree, the Pandabub IS a handsome guy. And totally adorbs as well. 🙂

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    I lof him.

  3. I hearby name him ‘Bub, the Pandabub’.

    …And give him a smooch on top of da head!

  4. GreatKatzini says:

    The basic gist of the article is that they weighed him for the first time, and already on the webcam in the den he appeared fatter than his brother. He weights 10 pounds already.
    Apparently the outside world didn’t interest him, he slept through whole thing.
    The zoologist also said that they monitor the newborns closely, they do regular examinations and weigh-ins to ensure they’re healty, but at the same time they try to interfere as little as possible becaused they don’t want to disturb the relationship between Momma Panda and her cubs She apparently leaves the den a few times a day to eat and they use this time to weigh the cubs. 🙂

  5. Excellent blorpage. I also love that the bowl says “PANDA” along with a little doodad of a panda face, in case anyone gets confused about what is in the bowl.

  6. phred's mom says:

    Do they need help? Sign me up.

  7. He’s just so…streamlined. He’s like, Monorail Panda in the garage or something.

  8. Okay, I WAS lobbying to have baby pandas called Pandoodleys, which is what I call ’em, but now, they shall always and everafter be called Pandabubs.

  9. I love how they are weighing him in not only a panda-specific bowl, which one purchases in the panda housewares section of Target, of course, but they have lined said bowl in paper as if he were coldcuts at the deli.

  10. I’m wondering what the keepers are wearing. There was a Nightline episode where they showed the handlers and even the maitenance crews in panda outfits or bamboo camoflauge so that they don’t become easy with humans.

  11. OMG I don’t know what’s cuter, dressing people up as bamboo or calling him the Pandabub. I mean, THE PANDABUB. He sounds like the panda version of The Dude. (Also,love Pandoodleys, keep using it!)

  12. *going to target this afternoon to look for panda-specific bowl…*

    and, well, he’s as nommable as coldcuts, so why not? 🙂 those ear nubbins look delightful, don’t they?

  13. Hasn’t this pic been on CO before? In any case it’s absolutely adorable.

  14. Streamlined in a blorpular, surprisingly hydrodynamic marine mammal kind of way, as opposed to the sleek aerodynamic variety.

  15. And a “bub” is actually the Austrian/Southern-German expression for “boy”.
    Cute expression, cute Pandaboy.

  16. oh, the last column of the article reports they’re going to have an internet vote for his name! 😀

  17. This comment made me snort in a very unbecoming way!

  18. They wear panda suits only for a specific program in China. It is to reintroduce a mama and her cub to the wild. In increasing more rural enclosures, the mama panda has her cub then teaches the cub how to find water, climb trees, hide from predators etc. The keepers watch via cams and occasionally, when they need to examine the cub, they come dressed in panda suits. They want the cubs to not be familiarized to humans as eventually they will be living in the wild. There are only, I believe, 3 mom/cub going through this process.

  19. fleurdamour says:


  20. Yep, they weighed him for the first time and, as they expected from the pictures taken in the den, he’s quite a big boy/sturdy lad. bigger than his brother was at this age.
    “Bub” by the way, is pronounced more like “boop” with closer to a p than a b at the end, and the oo as in zoo. It is an excellent word.

  21. But does the bowl come with an adorbs bebeh panda IN IT?
    THAT is the question!