We’re Tocking Tock-City

One day of the year, Rudy’s booked. The rest of the year he’s offline. Sweet gig, eh? Here’s The Original Red-Nosed Reindeer hanging out, um, some place that’s raining. Luckily his buddy brought a bumbershoot.

Tock-tacular shot via Dave.


  1. MandaLeigh says:

    That is crazy-sweet. D’awwwww.

  2. This is crazy bizarre… :-)

  3. Butt…I am stumped! What could those peeps be looking at? Why are they not looking at Bambi McTockinsons?

  4. Would LOVE to know the backstory here! No one seems to be the least bit interested in this duo!

  5. This is probably taken in Nara – Japan where there are so many deers roaming around freely. That’s why people don’t seem to care because they are already used to it :)

  6. didn’t we all just suffer through a commentroversy about fawns and humans? i believe we should file Nara away for future reference.



  7. They sell deer biscuits, by the pack. The lovely young woman who sold me mine said “you should keep moving.” What she actually meant was: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, AMERICAN FOOL. Those deer can hear the sound of a biscuit wrapper being torn from 30 paces away, and they will happily trample you to get to them.

  8. that would be a cool alarm clock. beginning with “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, AMERICAN FOOL.”

  9. Snerk ! “Deer Biscuits” !

  10. *adds Nara, Japan on list of places to visit* :-)

  11. That looks like Nara, Japan, where they’ve got a giant herd of sacred deer that people can interact with (and buy traditional cookies to feed to.) They just roam around the forest and temple complexes in that part of the city. Likely, there are a bunch of other deer off-screen who are catching the attention of the other tourists.

  12. Isn’t this Nara Park? If so, there are thousands more Bambis around and nobody can care less about this duo. I got bit MY butt by the Bambis there.

  13. You’re lucky. One bit my thigh. I don’t even know how that is possible.

  14. high five for use of the word ‘bumbershoot’

  15. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    That’s one of the odd words that my dad uses…along with sputzie.

  16. what’za sputzie?! I like the way it sounds!

  17. According to Urban Dictionary, it is Pittsburgh slang for the common sparrow…

    I like it too. :)

  18. In Seattle, Bumbershoot is the name of our annual rock festival, held in September.

  19. bob drummond says:

    Didn’t the Penguin from the Batman T.V. show use the word “bumbershoot ” ???

  20. “Hey, my tock is getting soaked!”

  21. RoxyRocketeer says:

    Must be in Nara, Japan. Deer are extremely common there, sometimes even becoming public nuisances. No one would notice them.

  22. Does anyone else notice the deer’s right rear leg, how it is coyly twisted outward in a catwalk-model style? Or perhaps ballet position #5?

  23. Maybe this is Nara, Japan? It is FULL of deer. They’re probably looking at other deer.

  24. MousieMeg says:

    This is in Nara, Japan! Famous for the tame deer that lollygag about to eat food from your handsies!

  25. skippymom says:

    Rudy doesn’t appear to be on a leash or anything, he’s just out for a walk with his pal.

  26. bunnyslave says:

    I suspect this may be Nara Park in Japan. I visited there once–the deer are cute, but not at all shy :). One prodded me impatiently in the behind with his antler when I was a bit slow passing out the deer crackers.

  27. Do I see a delicate little turnout in that right hind leg?

  28. Plié!

  29. It is a perfect fourth position!

  30. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ballet-dancing deer…only in Japan.

  31. AshliCalifornia says:

    I’m loving the sassy hind leg. That rain is severely hampering his quest to be the center of attention.

  32. Fleurdamour says:

    That’s Deer-Troit Tock City to you.

  33. victoreia says:


  34. So, this isn’t a RAIN deer? Sure looks like one to me. :P

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    MOST excellente, M’bear :) Well-done, YOU

  36. bob drummond says:

    DITTO !!!

  37. I can’t imagine Nara in the rain. I imagine wet deer smell is worse than wet dog. Although, I guess it had rained the day before I went there… Muddy, greedy deers.

  38. The deer in Nara will eat your map, given half a chance.

  39. Nara, Japan. The only place in the world where the deer will EAT YOUR LUNCH.

  40. bunnyslave says:

    They ate my parents’ phrasebook. Didn’t seem to help them learn English, though.

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    I visited a stately home in Cheshire a few years ago, and the deersies (much smaller than this one) were wandering around the courtyard. Very ususual. Deer normally stay in the park (surrounded by flies), loftily regarding the gawping hoomans.

  42. Last night I came home to a baby deer in my back yard. He ran, but came right back at me… ate my raspberries and my tomatoes, then lounged in the shade. I spent 4 hours chasing him down to the other end of the street, it backs up to a park and there are more deer spottings, and I live close to a main intersection. Around 9pm, his Mommy came walking up the street… baby went nuts and bolted towards her, nursed, and then they headed off…. towards the busy street, but I didn’t hear any screeches so I assume they meandered to the next ‘hood!

  43. And bumbershoot is an awesome word!

  44. Here is some info’s i’ve gathered from the internets! DEER CRACKERS!!!??

    In Nara, Japan, the deer are also known as ‘bowing deer’ as they bow their heads before you feed them. Simply purchase some deer-crackers from the shops in the park and hold one up to the deer (in front and slightly above its head). The deer will then bow its head before taking the cracker from your hand.

    According to local folklore, deer from this area were considered sacred due to a visit from one of the four gods of Kasuga Shrine, Takenomikazuchi-no-mikoto. He was said to have been invited from Kashima, Ibaraki, and appeared on Mt. Mikasa-yama riding a white deer. From that point, the deer were considered divine and sacred by both Kasuga Shrine and Kōfuku-ji.

  45. For those of you who don’t already know “Animals Talking in All Caps”:

  46. sunnylessmum says:

    Thank you for the site reference Mal… bookmarked it right away!

  47. Ooohh! I’m guess this is in Nara, Japan.


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