I’ll Have A Number One With Coffee

This is Charlie, and he has to study the menu first, if you don’t mind.

Video by Jim Cricketer. Soundtrack by Queen.


  1. 260Oakley says:

    Love the hood ornaments on those classic Oldsmobirds.

  2. good thing the dude wasn’t driving a GTFO

  3. Olympic golfclap

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Bang-up job on those Games, btw. Putting the “Great” in Britain.

  5. How does she do it?? 260Oakley, I mean. I stand in awe (or in my case, I sit in awe). :)

    Oh, and I love the boid!

  6. it’s a cattle egret – they’re evolved to fill the niche of eating the ticks and parasites off of large animals (wildebeest, cape buffalo, rhino’s etc) which they do while riding on their host’s backs. so it’s not a stretch for one to ride on a car. plus it’s in its breeding plumage so it’s probably a little nuts too.

  7. He ran that stop sign. ;)

  8. He ran two of them. I was shocked! *clutches pearls*

    I love how casual that cashier was about the bird. “Oh that’s Charlie.” Like it was no big deal. I don’t care how many times I saw that. It would still be squee time for me.

  9. EXACTLY! I was kind of worried about this bird but then the cashier says: “Oh, that’s Charlie. He likes to RIDE!”

    I LOLed… I ain’t going to lie. There is pathology and then there are some weird quirks that individual creatures have.

    I totally hope/feel this one is the latter.

    This looks like the lower West Coast of the states, yes? I was going to say California. I was going to figure out the species if I’m correct. :)

  10. It’s in Cocoa Beach, Florida. :-)

  11. frankenaidan says:

    My pop lives in Cocoa Beach, so the next time I go for a visit I’ll INSIST on taking a visit to that McDonald’s.

  12. i love how that’s the first thing she said that was intelligible. this is a simpson’s cartoon, isn’t it?

  13. 8O I’m jealous, all I have is squished bugs on the front of my car…

  14. Actually, the squished bugs could be your first step to acquiring this type of hood ornament. You see, the bridie is a Cattle Egret, usually found hitching rides on the backs of cows, buffaloes or other large mammals. Why do they do that? Because of the flies and bugs surrounding the cattle taste so yummy. This egret might actually have found a clever substitute for cattle as a dinnerplate :)

  15. YAY! I was happy to learn what species this is. :D It all makes a lot of sense now. This may be a VERY smart member of the species. XD

  16. The More You Know (TM) [rainbow shooting over my head]

  17. Yeah, and if you think about it, all those food scraps will have bugs on them too :D

  18. Very informative.

  19. januaryfarmer says:

    Darwin might comment favorably on the adaptation.

  20. So they DO like to ride!

  21. Only in Florida…..

  22. LOL DERP! I accused it of being a West-Coaster… MY BAD!

    In my defense, while I’m a nature-nerd I’m also a Northerner. ;)

  23. Hey you forgot the Filet-O-Fish for Charlie!

  24. The wing beat at about 0:33 is ridiculously well on beat, the birdie is channelling mr Mercury himself!

  25. Driver wasn’t wearing his seat belt!

  26. oh-KAY? that was making me crazy. he was driving, rocking out, filming and watching a bird all at once- then he’s struggling w/the seat belt. im surprised the car didnt just spontaneously combust from all the no-nos.

  27. I so wanted to see a reaction from the people at the drive-through window.

  28. “Hey, can you throw in an order of fries for me?”

  29. Nah, side of flies.

  30. *polite golf clap*

  31. This is how penguins lost the ability to fly.

  32. and gained the ability to order their own combo meals

  33. januaryfarmer says:

    I knew that…”Oh that’s Charlie. He likes to ride.” Terrific!

  34. That lady’s casual “Oh that’s Charlie” made me laugh so hard. :D

  35. Totally! To that point I was afraid this was a sick birdie but obvy he’s figured out a scam that works! ;)

  36. short1fry says:

    Exactly. I was watching and a little worried the bird was hurt or sick. Then the guy goes to the window and the lady says “oh, that’s Charlie”. I LOLd!!!!! :)

  37. Egrets? They’ll ride with you.

  38. onionpencil says:

    i never get egrets on my car 8( (so i have egrets regrets?)

  39. Heh… you beat me to it! I was going to say that, “at my latitud we have No EGRETS!”

  40. Perfect choice of music! I LOVE Queen!!!

  41. What a great way to get from A to B when you´re too lazy to fly…. :)

  42. It’s at a McDonalds in Ft Myers Florida – he came and sat on our windshield each day when we visited there this spring – and takes french fries from your hand when you roll down the window…..


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