Yep. Just a Guy and a Bear Hanging Out.

How’s the wife?

Oh, fine, fine.


They’re good.

Beer, bear?

Don’t mind if I do.

It’s good to have a bear-bro-mance, isn’t it alija?



  1. Oh dear, either that guy is very brave or very dumb

  2. Stunnning. I am dying to know the backstory on this one!

  3. Maybe it’s an orphan he raised? It doesn’t look quite full-grown for a brown bear.

  4. At first glance I thought, “What the smeg is Bilbo doin’ hanging with a bear?!”

  5. Do NOT try this at home, privacy paw-io or not

  6. So, bro, after hangin’ here and chillin’ for a bit, lets wander down to the river and totally pick up a couple bitchin’ salmon.

  7. That’s a Canadian naturalist named Charlie Russell. He lives in Kamchatka, Russia and takes care of bears. There’s a documentary about him called “The Bear Man of Kamchatka.”

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Is this a cute picture? Does a bear sit in the woods?

  9. This is off topic. I am on vacay in Rochester NY (Canandaigua actually) and there is a momma kitty and her five kittens on the property. The owner is wanting to get rid of them in anyway possible and chases momma off with a broom. Despite this momma is sweet and loving and the kittens while a bit unsure of human attention are interested. I held two a boy and a girl. I think they are about 5-6 weeks old. Please I can’t take them with me when I fly back to California. Is there anyone in the area or who knows someone who can foster them. I don’t know if the local shelter is a no kill or not. I do know they already have over 100 kitties there.
    Momma is really skinny and ate 6 cans of food in one sitting before I came along. My niece gave her so much food. I hope she kept it down and it didn’t give her the runs. I am willing to throw in the big crate I bought and some food if someone can help me.

  10. Roisin I hope you find someone to take care of those kittens. If I am not so far I would take one or 2 but I am from Toronto. Good luck, I wish you the best of luck and god bless

  11. Roisin, Google “Rochester NY no kill shelter”. There seems to be more than one. Best of luck finding them a new home (especially with the owner chasing momma away!) and bless you for trying.

  12. Yes he, raises orphans in the wild protecting and training them until they wander away. From several documentaries the more mature bears come back to visit or just wander by and say hello. This would appear to be a 3-5 year old visitor.

  13. Clairdelune says:

    There must be a speciale place in h**l (OK, moderators?) for anyone who would chase away a momma cat trying to feed her babies.

  14. bwahahahhaah!!

  15. yup. it’s full of mama cats with brooms. you can guess the rest.

  16. I would have sworn it was jean Jacques Annaud, famous French director, and his movie l’Ours (Bear)

  17. NIce one!

  18. It’s the same that’s reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

  19. Hi James; He is no longer there and is back at home in Pincher Creek, southern Alberta (AFAIK). He has had some amazing experiences with grizzlies!!


  20. oh bless him for helping beauhs! i’d love to hang out there too.

  21. I hope he doesn’t meet with the same fate as Timothy Treadwell.

  22. Roisin, I’m not 100% sure that Lollypop Farm is a no kill shelter but it’s worth a try. Their number is 585-223-1330. They do great work!

    Chasing off a mama cat who’s nursing her babies?? Rot in h*ll, you sick bas***d!

  23. Nah. Guy’s got rubber boots on. Hobbits always have bear feet.

  24. (internets high five)

  25. Thank you for doing this and for caring roisin.

  26. If you remember your Hobbit 101, Bilbo and the dwarves spent the night at the house of Beorn. Beorn was a shape-shifter who could turn into a great bear.

    Hence, this is obviously Bilbo and Beorn. QED.

  27. So glad someone else recognized him! His documentary is great.

  28. Great Idea I have been doing that last night and this morning. So far everyone is full. We have the momma and the five little kittayns in the house. The hubby is shooting pics right now. Momma just loves to be petted and her spine is not so sharp when you stroke her back more to come.

  29. *applauds*

  30. Plain Jane says:

    It’s definitely Charlie Russel, not Jacques Arnaud (sorry Val). The Kamchatka experience was only in summers for a few years, He lives in Alberta, Canada — my husband and I run into him once in a while through mutual acquaintances.

    Charlie wrote a book about his amazing experiences, complete with stunning photos.

  31. I’d forgotten that! I’m re-reading The Hobbit, but have’nt gotten to that point yet.

  32. You are awesome.

  33. That’s awesome!

  34. victoreia says:


  35. Call the local veterinarian’s offices. Sometimes vets will take them in, or will know of people who might want to foster/adopt, or other possible helpful resources….

  36. Cool! Thanks for the info.

  37. AWW 😀 I hope you can find someone to take momma cat and her five babies, Roisin 😀 If I knew anyone in New York, who could take those sweet kitties, I would call them and email you their address 😀

  38. I would of hit that dirtbag with the broom, Clairdelune!

  39. Norbertsmom says:

    Norberts Mom<—————— chases off humans with a broom and feeds mamma kittys and their babies 🙂

  40. Okay, he sounds a lot more sensible than Timothy Treadwell was.

  41. Do you think if I went and sat on bear’s enticing lap for a snorgle I would die?

  42. bob drummond says: