Introducing the latest in kitteh technologeh: the Steadicat. Incorporating advanced gyroscopically stabilized vibration dampening densely jargonational wah de doo dah, Steadicat maintains a laserlike focus on squeaky toys up to 100 yards away.


  1. OMG…Whatever that cat is looking at must be very interesting…….

  2. “densely jargonational wah de doo dah” LMAO

  3. victoreia says:

    Ya beat me to it, Theresa!

    (Wonders if the phrase “densely jargonational wah de doo dah” is copyrighted yet….)

  4. Ditto.

  5. and myself again also…

  6. NTMTOM is the king!! You rival my dad in “yadda-yadda speak”!

  7. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    “Ditto? Ditto? You provincial putz!”

    (Let’s see if anyone gets the reference….)

  8. victoreia says:

    “That’s HEDLEY!”

  9. Norbertsmom says:

    Waiting in the mod lounge – not sure why – sheesh. Is there any coffee? Or bagels? I’m starving!

  10. Norbertsmom says:

    “Badges! We don’t need no stinkin badges”….

    “LaPetamane throughway what will that a****** think of next” :-)

  11. musicfoodbeerbikes, believe me, around here EVERYONE gets the reference. HARUMPH!

  12. He’s just copying the chicken that did this first. It’s still cute though.

  13. I kept thinking “how does one pin a chicken head in 3D space to keep it from moving?”. It’s really unreal.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    *really unreal* = original meaning of surrealism :)

  15. some of my favorite lines from Midnight in Paris: “So far, I see nothing strange.” “Well yeah, you’re surrealists!” (talking to Man Ray, Brunel, and Dali)

  16. I surprised myself by absolutely loving that movie. If only because my favorite artist, Salvador Dali, kept talking about his current obsessions with rhinoceroses. xD

  17. Weird!

  18. Cat Skyfire says:

    Steady cat is steady.

  19. That kitty trusts their servant-with-opposable-thumbs.

  20. Yep :D

  21. Why are we having our burros handed to us by the Ryuskies lately in kot cat technology? We’re so far behind in the CuteRace.

  22. we must close the gato gap

  23. What *will* they come up with next, ey?!

  24. That is one stunned and glassy stare.

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Bend me, shape me, any way you want me,
    As long as me head’s straight, it’s all right!”

  26. Awhile back I saw a video of a dog with eyes like this kitteh; his name was Stains. Every time he looked at a plate of cupcakes with his booga-booga eyes, it was hysterical….. :lol:

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    We at CO are familiar w/ Mr. Stains and all fell in lurve with him,
    and his longing for the Cakes of Cup. We were all semi-tr@umatized by his experience and worried about his survival ….

  28. why do i hear the ‘rotate you owl’ song when i see this!

  29. This is just what I thought of too!



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