Nothing says All Up In Your Bizzniss like outrageous ears…

extreme eyes, and a redonkulous nosey-nosicle!

Peeps, looks like we got a terminal case of Neighborhood Busybodyitis.

This cute-iful space invader is a Civet. Photo by Michelle Turton at the Newquay Zoo.



  1. Gah! What a juicy leetle nose!

  2. who knew that big ears and beady eyes made for (supposedly) delicious coffee?
    learn sumthin’ new every day!

  3. With those ears, he/she could hear the neighbors arguing in the next block. Shhhh.

  4. RoadRunner says:

    I just want to brush my finger along the bridge of hir/her nose. Is that too much to ask?

  5. With that face, he can be all up in my bidness any time he wants.

  6. Not for even Anthony Bourdain or Zimmerman’s jobs…

  7. They make parfoom, too!

  8. whu hu? i thought civets were some kind of cat. this looks like a bat with wacky camo.

  9. Ackshually, he looks like he could use some decaf. 😯

  10. Look in upper right corner for ANOTHER bright, beady eye!

  11. victoreia says:

    And whiskers!

  12. Wheeskers at noon, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-and eleven!

  13. Cute. But have to say it. S.A.R.S.

  14. You’re right! Looks like a flying fox in desert camo! I’ve seen civets before and don’t remember them having such pointy faces!