Fancy Handbag Puppitude

Getting carried everywheres. ‘Cuz a puppy can’t possibly walk. What, on those paws?

Teresa H., if you’re going to go trendy, go big!



  1. pssssssssssst….EYEBROW DOTS!!!! *scampers away*…now back to your regular scheduled programming.

  2. RoadRunner says:

    *sigh* teh tummeh

  3. yes, Emmylee… those are some fine eyebrow dots puppers is sporting.

    Though I’m getting a little weary of not having a Rule for them. Makes me wonder if this cause is useless? I’m having an existential crisis here, y’all, with regard to the Eyebrow Dot Rule Campaign.
    Do we press on? Do we close up shop? Are our pleas being heard?

  4. p.s., those paws are delightful

  5. yay for spay!!!!! good job spaying that adorabuls puppah.

  6. I love giant breed puppes! Too cute ❤

    Also, fun fact: The post below this one (with the squirrel bracing itself) is even funnier if you imagine the pup in this post as the thing its waiting for.

  7. Robin Kiesel says:

    She is beautiful, that’s all I can say.

  8. Smooch on that nose!

  9. The paws, the eyebrow dots, the schnoz. Yes, yes. All that is delightful. But the EARS, people! THE EARS!!!!

  10. skippymom says:

    This looks like my dog Bear, who was The Best Dog Ever. Except I’m guessing this little girl is a German Shepherd, whereas Bear’s mother was a beagle and his father was the black dog from down at the other end of the street.

  11. May I please nom de paws?

  12. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    Tough call. IMHO, if the dog has them, that’s ONE thing, but if they know how to USE them, that’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame. One of my Rotties is a Jedi of the eyespots – she can move them independently arch one, all Belushi-like…makes teh beggin’s most effective. My other Rottie is clueless.

  13. So cute! adorable soft muzzle and floppy soft paws…is she a German Shepherd puppy? Maybe a mix or the earsies would stand up i think…i know much more about cats lol. Makes me want a doggeh 😦

  14. Ohhhh! i got teh moderashuns!!!???

  15. Yeah, we may need a shaved belly tab.

  16. People, I’ve had a really tiring day, and I -neeeeeeed- a pup like this to hug! Anyone got a spare?
    (OMG so floofy!)

  17. You spelled the word for “baby dog” the correct way–p*ppy–which for some reason gets you to the mod lounge! Hope there were some snacks left! 🙂

  18. Baby German Shepherd ears are floopy-then they start to grow and are large and floppy all over the head (past cute) Want this puppy!!

  19. kibblenibble says:


  20. which is totally what i did

  21. The eyes own my soul. End of story.

  22. tracylee, you can’t give up! Did Mandela give up? No, he did not. Did Gandhi give up? No, he did not. You can never give up on a worthy cause and there is no cause more worthy than that of establishing an Eyebrow Dot Rule on CO.

  23. Athena's mom says:

    That is indeed a bebeh Germ-ah Shepherd! Love love love love

  24. Hear hear!!! or is it here here!!! ….what Rachael said Tracylee. *scribbles on poster board*

    @musicfoodbeerbikes- my boxer knows how to use her eyebrow dots to the utmost power. I’m powerless against her.

  25. mitzithecat says:

    oh yeah, then one stands up and one still flops! this is one sweet puppy!

  26. I wish we could see pictures of her as she grows.. She is going to be a wonderful dog.

  27. Lauren in Georgia says:

    AWWW! Looks just like my wonderful Casey must have, at that age.