All I need ees a warm cup o’ meelks.

[Extends paws]

SOMEONE likes to play dollhouse!!! [singsong] It’s Erin S.!



  1. I like how Brinke’s posts are so true to the original Meg style. You can tell that Brinke studied under Prof. Meg in Cuteology 101! Warm meelks indeed 😀

  2. The leetle hands! And the peenk nose!

  3. Where do I get hammie furniture? This is totes adorbs!

  4. ScoutsMom says:

    I always thought that if I ever got a hamster, I would keep it in a doll house as opposed to the usual cages. Like a Barbie house with clear plastic on the outside and tunnels from room to room. And lots of comfy furniture for the hamster family to lounge on – as long as nothing would be toxic to the hams. Sigh…maybe someday.

  5. “Nighty night, and can you please tuck me into a draw without 4 kittens next time?”

  6. 260Oakley says:

    “And some bozo has short-sheeted my bed.”

  7. O Sweetie, I just lurve how your little hands are clutching the plastic blankee:
    I just hope said blankee doesn’t fall off the bed and crack……!! 🙄

  8. victoreia says:


  9. Must nom teensy earsies!! Must stroke leetle paws!