Who’s wrapped around WHO’S finger?!

OK, OK, you got us, lil’ Marmoset. Photos by Bernd Settnik & Theo Heimann.



  1. birdcage71 says:

    There’s no reviving me after these photos. No revival possible.

  2. I would try but those prosh leetle fingers have made me DED.

  3. stop it, CO!! stop it i tell you! you are keeeeeeleeeng meeeeee!!! *passes out*

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    Me too.
    (I think the Qte Emergency Ward will need to call in some outside EMT’s and bring them in with blinders on their eyes, to locate the Hello Kitty Defibrithingamajigg.)


  5. The Crusty Old Pedants Society (COPS) wishes to bring to your attention that it’s not who’s finger, it’s whose.

    Sententiously yours,
    Lady Snow
    Second Assistant Secretary, COPS


  6. rofl. well said.

  7. phred's mom says:

    Unless Dr. Who is the owner of the digit mentioned.
    I, too, am part of the word police, but it does seem to be
    a losing cause these days. *sigh*

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    I’ve got your finger and I know how to use it.

  9. Never mind the grammar. It’s the brain-exploding cuteness, people!!!!

  10. Fird Birfle says:

    so twue.

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    (psst: it’s a Meg post. Her Cuteness abilities are Beyond Profound but occ. there are grammar stumbles in her phenomenally cute items. Don’t tell anyone…I don’t want
    to hurt her feelings…)

  12. Seriously. Let’s focus on the positive here, peeps!

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Yup. Marmo-set and match. I concede defeat to de tiny tongue and toe action.

  14. Marmoset there’d be days like this.

  15. With the very best of intentions, I’d like to call matchingks on the young lady holding the marmoset and the marmoset who is being held. I mean really, I can’t be the only one seeing the resemblance in pic #3?

  16. ** groan **

  17. That tail wrapped around her finger is like the coup de grace.

  18. Indeed. That is what I was coming to say, but Snowpea put it much, much better. Cute photos, though!

  19. NormallyLurksOnly says:

    The cute de grace

  20. The Shirels agree! http://youtu.be/4oiLfTnrC40

  21. The leetle tongue!! Squeeee! I want to hold hem! What would describe the amount of cute _beyond_ the word “overload”? Mega-load? Infinity-load? I-ez-ded-load?

    (The link says he’s being raised by hand so his mom has enuff meelks for his 2 siblings! Can you imagine a pic with all 3 lethally cute baby marmosets?! 😯 )

  22. I’m in the mod lounge for no reason whatsoevar! I used no bad words!
    In addition, there are NO baby marmosets to cuddle! *pouts like a 2-yr.-old*

  23. I NEVER get tired of watching this video! 🙂 (Yes, I realize I’m weird, thank you very much!)

  24. Since this is Meg, Genius of Qte, we can forgive all those pesky grammar indiscretions! 🙂

  25. The tongue, people, the tongue! The teeny weeny insanely adorabuhl tongue!

  26. Catwhisperer says:

    I love it!! I vote for the addition of this phrase to the C.O. Dictionary. 🙂

  27. phred's mom says:

    Of course, of course.

  28. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! That is all.

  29. phred's mom says:

    me two! er…too!

  30. If this is weird, then I don’t want to be normal. 🙂

  31. Yes, the moment I saw this post, the song started in my head. 🙂

  32. I hope you are all members of The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. (Membership is not open to those who say “As for myself…” because they don’t know whether to use “me” or “I”.)

  33. HAHA! I forgot all about the ring tailed lemur at the end…

  34. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    Marmoset knock you out

  35. After the misused “it’s” in the last cute-animal-around-finger post, I’m starting to despair…

  36. writtenwyrdd says:

    Okay, I just cute-sploded.

  37. It’s weird what you get modded for.

    This is seriously too cute. How can these even exist?!

  38. Marmoset! Marmoset!

  39. That’s the little lemur named Billy Joe!

  40. HAW

  41. *passes 6rabbits the tray of deep-fried ravioli*

  42. Right?!! I can barely stand it. And it looks so happy in all of these pictures. I want to play with one SO MUCH.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    I second that.

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    (kind of a threadjack) Since I have members of the COPS here, can someone help me: a friend wrote “Woe is I” on something the other day. I thought “Woe am I” was correct but it sounded awkward. “Woe is me” is what I usually see but that seems wrong. What is correct, and why? (“Woe am me” wasn’t in consideration.)

  45. um…not to start a meme or anything, but…don’t marmosets have navels? and would marmoset navels not be cute? and are there pictures?

  46. I want one! He would be my Pocket Pet, and he would ride around in my coat pocket all day and cheer me up when I’m low.

  47. skippymom says:

    It’s “I am woe.”

    Marmoset there’d be days like this!

  48. skippymom says:

    What is this normal the which of you are doing the speaking?

  49. skippymom says:

    Is there deep-fried Coca-Cola to go with the ravioli?

  50. JohnnyJohnny says:

    1pm, lunchtime. Gotta check my blood sugar and calculate my fast-acting insulin injection for the extra sweetness of of picture #1. CO, If I loose a kidney from all the qute, I’ll be coming for yours!

  51. They are fried IN coca-cola.

  52. skippymom says:

    Well, if that’s the case, I may need to use a forbidden word around snack time later this afternoon.

  53. ERMAHGERD! Mahmerset!

  54. Desdemona says:

    “Woe is I” is the title of a book on grammar. Very witty and fun to give to students who think they know it all. Check it out.

  55. *snort!*

  56. Me too Shaz. Actually, every time I see or hear the word “marmoset” I think of that song. I knew someone would post the link–thanks, Jimbeaux. Like 6rabbits, I never get tired of it.

  57. skippymom says:

    Why aren’t our replies indenting? I’m having a very anxious day, and this is making it worse!

  58. I think it’s because the original reply is in still locked in teh Mod Lounge, and once Sharpy comes by with the Magic Key, we will see teh true shape of things.

  59. You said the n*ff word! 🙂

  60. skippymom says:

    What? I haven’t been to the lounge today! I’m so confused.

  61. ERMAHGERD! Ermehrgerd merme!

  62. Marmasex. No really.

  63. Not you, that was a reply to 6rabbits, who is the one that didn’t know why she was in the Mod Lounge, that started the whole conversation. Is it time for a drink yet?

  64. snort

  65. Ahem…my 2 cents–From an article in the New York Times:
    …Sometimes the truth lies flat on the surface, and you only confuse yourself looking for “understood” hidden words. By Woe is me, he [Shakespeare] was saying “I am woe; the person of me and the emotion of woe are one and the same.” It’s an old and frequently used poetic device: Oscar Hammerstein 2d did it in the lyric “You Are Love.”… http://www.nytimes.com/1993/10/17/magazine/on-language-woe-is-not-me.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm

  66. OMGosh…I had no idea that’s what kicked me in!
    Thank you all for the entertaining conversation and
    snacks while I was incarcerated! 🙂

  67. *Snortlaff*

  68. skippymom says:

    I’ve been popping Rescue Remedy all day because I’m a nervous wreck because a bunch of people in my “real” life are messing with my head. So, I think yes, very soon.

  69. skippymom says:

    Did you have some of the Coke-fried ravioli?

  70. DewiCasGwent says:

    As He or She is being fed with an insulin syringe (clearly they have a stock to squee attacks) so 100ml of melk is far too much

  71. Win! 😀

  72. snerk

  73. It’s 40-Love all the way.


  75. Hmmmm, i’m not so sure about evolution now…surely primates would have stopped at the this adorable fellow and seen no point to continue further!!!

  76. Marmoset rings, the newest hottest accessories.

  77. LERL

  78. So tiny, with basically all the same mammal organs we have. It’s like looking at a Swiss watch version of ourselves.

  79. The Original Jane says:

    You should see a marmoset with her babies hanging on her back. And I lived to tell the tale. 🙂

  80. i just noticed something: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111203030836/angrybirds/images/thumb/1/1c/Marmoset_4.png/185px-Marmoset_4.png
    it’s gonna be hard to hate these little guys now that i’ve seen this here…

  81. I’m kilt too DED from teh QTE to notice the grammar, even though it niggled at the edges of my consciousness, except I was already unconscious. If you get what I mean. *thunk*

  82. awwwwww Moderation. Gimme a gin ‘n tonic w/ nachos. Maybe that’ll revive me after being kilt SO DED from teh QTE. *thunk*

  83. DewiCasGwent says:

    But that is a ring tail lumer vampire
    (only here would that be a valid statement

  84. Not even a good old-fashioned Southern Revival?

  85. On my way!!! (Pulls on CO Emergency Services cap, pulls blinders over eyes, grabs gurney and dashes toward Fird)
    (Pulls blinders up over head realizing that she’s run the gurney into and over Fird)
    Whoops!! Sorry!!

  86. and understood by all and sundry

  87. zosterops says:

    Thank you mie, I was starting to think no one else noticed ….

  88. Skippymom, *shhhhhhhh* don’t tell Theresa, but once I knew they waz fried in Coke I waz a leetle afeared to try dem. *shhhhhhhh*

  89. me three, as well, also.

  90. *snarfle*

  91. I think CO needs a new tag “Messy Eater”

  92. *runs to find a ton of smelling salts* Will this work too??!!

  93. Fird Birfle says:

    a very astute point.

  94. Fird Birfle says:

    Join the CO Universe. Welcome.

  95. Fird Birfle says:


    wha’ happ’ ????

    Am I alive???
    or am I experiencing amnesia???

    Who am *us*, anyway???
    (Note: the final bit was brazenly stolen from a bit from a Firesign Theater album, ca. 1977-ish…YES an ALBUM ON VINYL goldinggit!!!)

  96. First, this little critter is so adorable I can hardly stand it!! Second “100 cc”??? Um, that tiny marmoset could only take about 1-2 cc of formula at one time. Max. 100 cc is a LOT. O_O

  97. Who’s/ **Whose**…..
    Just saying.
    Resume squeeing.

  98. How about some decent grammar? It SHOULD read: Who’s wrapped around whose finger.

    If you need to hire someone to check spelling and grammar, I’m available.

  99. Fird Birfle says:

    that does seem useful and nifty. Or maybe Eats Decoratively.

  100. writtenwyrdd says:

    Been here since nearly day one. I just don’t comment.

  101. Seriously. I almost never reset my desktop, but I may for that picture. (Truth: in 4 years, I have changed it twice).

  102. OmiGarsh, yes. I could pull him/her out at work, and snorf until my blood pressure returned to normal! I could claim all the costs of care and feeding, because he/she was a medical necessity for me!

  103. Stands in awe of TOJ’s bravery in attempting such a feat. (Tell the truth now… surely you fainted, just for a minute, or at least felt dizzy from such a magnitude of qte?)

  104. sleekityin says:

    Completely agree with the word police viewpoint – a current pet peeve is the incorrect addition of “more” in front of adjectives instead of adding the correct “er” ending. For example, “more kind” instead of kinder, “more cute” instead of cuter etc. (More is not better.)

  105. Emmberrann says:

    More is cuterer.

  106. why bye the cow when the milks free?


    grammar errors make our collective skin crawl, but thanks! and i’m an english major but i get a break because i’m only here for the moderation!

  107. your desktop is the only real estate increasing in value.

  108. The Original Jane says:

    Nope. I even managed not to squee too loud out of fear of scaring them. I did however, forget to take photos. First time was at Victoria, BC Butterfly Gardens and the second! was at the old Discovery Island at Walt Disney World in FL. Of course, this was YEARS ago.

  109. victoreia says:


  110. victoreia says:

    @skippymom: *snerk* Careful, or the COPS will get you! (Unless you’re Yoda; he’s exempt.)

  111. victoreia says:

    “…..And I will love him, and hug him, and call him ‘George’.”

    (with apologies to Steinbeck…..or whoever-it-was; it’s been too long since I read that.)

  112. victoreia says:

    I see what you did, there, Sharpy!

  113. “hand taxi” in the hovertext! lololol!

  114. phew!