Where Oh Where is Little Billy Bear?

Mom’s all: Where could Billy be?

Hmmm I wonder…

OK, get off my back.

Moms know everything, Ebitary.



  1. yay bebeh polar bears!!!

  2. hi everyone!

  3. Bear-back riding!

  4. Whoa, I didn’t even see him at first. Kudos mom. It’s hard enough raising polar twins but triplets? Go you!!

  5. They look so darn cuddly! And honestly, polars (or, as I called them when I was a kid, ‘podars’) are one of my favorite animals. Thank you for sharing this! I wanna give ’em a hug!

  6. prinsasshelly says:

    can barely . . . stand . . . the . . . the cute . . . in . . . TRIPLICATE!

  7. Moms are the best!! And they know EVERYTHING. :O

  8. Polar bears can make the greatest expressions. They’re very photogenic.

  9. This mommeh bear is either pretending to be a Polar Joan of Arc or else she is simply grabbing a quick 40 winks……!

  10. oh so gorgeous!! want to cuddle!!