Tops and Bottoms

As evidenced by the following pictures, it’s cute when you’re on the top or something is on top of you.

All hail (in order of appearance) BuzzFeed, Emily Rose and Love Meow, Extinction Bound, Animal Tracks and Gripweed.


  1. Boid sez… bacon!!!!

  2. Is that a ham birder I see there?

  3. I want to buried under kittayns!!!

  4. Same here, 6rabbits :D

  5. I want to wear a white kitten as a hat.

  6. Lewis n' Clark says:

    deeeeeeeeeeeed. that is all

  7. 1st pic – Definition of “redonk”
    2nd to 4th pix – Proof positive of pitties’ much put-upon patience…
    5th pic – Sloth. Yawn. ’nuff said
    6th to 8th pix – Miss Piggita Van-Ham tries on a new fascinator
    9th pic – “That’s it, a little bit to the left… Ahhh, that massage feels lovely!!! Now if only I could get a nice plump rat for lunch…”

  8. Yep. Them pitties is all killers, I tell ya’. Killers.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Last pic: a cat experiencing a rare moment of rat-ional thought. Or a rat experiencing one hell of a head trip.

  10. LOL. that is all.

  11. Some of those pictures are fodder for an animal letter picture book. B is for bird, boar, and blanket….
    yeah right, like youd ever have all three

  12. B is for baseball cap?

  13. Guinea pig: Like, dude, this makeover? It’s totally way too extreme, ya know? Like a capo di tutti cavy? Also? I can’t see, and that means I can’t read 260Oakley’s puns, and that makes me a sad pig.

    (Crazy Pants or another mod/admin: The BuzzFeed link in the post is sorta horked up.)

  14. My fav is the guinea pig. His leetle hands slay me. I bet if you could peek under there, you would find that he is disapproving, too.

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    Also: can we just have a general rule, stating that decorative birds and piggies look cute together??

  16. On, on, my noble steed! :P

  17. Reminds me of the Mouseguard sentries.

  18. On the last one, does that mean the cat can cook now? LOL

  19. Ode upon seeing peeg leeps through the jaunty cap: (ahem):
    Iced tea through one’s nose rilly, rilly hurts. ‘Specially the ice cubes.

  20. *Patting dubyah1’s shoulder consolingly* there, there. We’ve all done it. And no, we never learn.

  21. Yawn on Mawm. I love it.

  22. I want to read the rest of the book.

  23. Emmberrann says:

    Somerset Mawm? Marmoset Mawm?

  24. Dare I ask about the earring in piggy’s ear?

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    These are all adorabuhls but I extremely love the long-suffering look on dogs’ faces when they’re forced to put up with kittayns. So sweet!

  26. hahaha yes pobre puppeleh! having to put up with such shenanigans :)

  27. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Me too. They are like, Can you see what I have to put up with? All these little kittens climbing all over me.

    But I love it!

  28. These photos brought to you by The Royal Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things.

  29. NormallyLurksOnly says:


  30. Kittehs climbing all over the vicious pittie! Watch out, he might snorgle them to death. :)

    Love, love, LOVE the rat on the cat (wasn’t that a Dr. Suess book?? Well, it shouda been). ♥♥♥

  31. It’s going into the “Yawn on Mawm” book.

  32. DanBenZvi says:

    I can’t be the only one looking at the cats on top of the pittie and thinking “Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot”, can I?

  33. It’s automatic. Almost pavlovian at this point.

  34. wow, nobody else thought that was funny?

  35. Guinea Pig!!!! So cute with its muzzlepouch sticking out! So want to kiss that nose!

  36. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Does my nose look big in this?”

  37. I move to make this an official rule of cuteness. Those in favor say “Squee!”

  38. Those are all HILARIOUS, but the the one with the cat and rat is off the hook for me.

  39. Squee to the infiniteeee!!!!

  40. fleurdamour says:

    Mah hat! Ah lurves it.


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