What An Amazing Performance!

Synchronized Googlie Eyes!

Once again, Pugs take the gold.

And the crowds go wild for team Sophie and Tippi, coached by Janet L.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    And the little pink blanket is the crowning touch ..

  2. I didn’t notice the pink blanket. Those pug eyes had me hypnotized…

  3. Pugglie eyes are the best, along with pugglie head-tilts, pugglie snores, and pugglie butts.
    Also, pugs look awesome in tutus.

  4. “Thanks for drivin’ us to googlie eyes practice every Saturday morning at 5:00am, Janet L!”

  5. Great Moogolie Oogolie.

  6. Could spend all day oogling their googlie eyes.

  7. Are you sure it’s not PUG-formance??? 😀

  8. Greart Gerglie Merglie. 😛

  9. Speaking of googly eyes, nothing better than a bag of stick-on googly eyes. I gave my niece and nephew one each last Xmas. Good times.

  10. It’s really fun to stick them onto things around town, googly-graffiti-style. Tell them to try that 🙂

  11. Indeed, all manner of things can be improved with googly eyes.

  12. Haha. In his younger years, my big, 36 pound pug would do that and I called it ‘The Piggy Dance’.

  13. smallthunder says:

    This is the doggone best video of this song I’ve ever seen — pug perfection.