The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 3: Hammie vs. Laser Pointer

This is Hammie, a French Bulldog who has obviously had way too much caffeine this morning. Hammie has decided to attack the Dreaded Laser Pointer, and despite some maniacal scurrying, it’s not going so well for The Hamster. (Watch for the Slo-Mo camera work, and turn up the speakers for plenty of Hammie Snorting!)

You’ll get it someday, Hammieization!



  1. I wish I wanted to chase a laser dot. It looks like really good exercise.

  2. How is this not an Olympic sport??????

  3. I adore this! I used to have a black lab who was obsessed with the laser pointer too. Nothing funnier than seeing an 80 lb lab pounce on it like a cat and try to bite it. It made an excellent “leash” when it was dark out.

  4. I.LOVE.HAMMIE!!!!!

  5. Hello?!?! I’m asking myself the same question. 🙂


  7. Awww, I hope he catches the light some of the time! Poor baby!

  8. I had a 140 lb rottie that loved to chase the ever elusive red dot. Talk about funny! I miss that big guy…sniffle….

  9. HA! So funnuy. One day Hammie… One day you will get that red dot!

  10. has anyone told you about that tail you have?

  11. I. WANT. TO. KISS. HIS. EARS!!!!!!!

  12. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Watch over-using laser pointers for dogs; they can react in a negative way to other similar stimuli, like drifting shadows, blinking lights, etc. They can bark, freeze, etc. I’ve seen it. A vet dog behaviorist where I volunteer says they react differently than cats to lasers

  13. Well there ya go – Lewis n’ Clark – I just have to agree – that person with the laser thinks it is just fun – but I think personally I would never do that – the little dog looks Kind of “tormented” by the little red light – I would think that “game” makes a dog aggressive – but also clearly some dogs are different from others – the Rottie probably went “along” with it to entertain his “Boss” – so KIND !!

  14. Now perlease! Stop pumping your dog full of steroids! 😉